A man is re­united with his lost boat, sort of, just in time for open­ing day.

Boating - - OFF MY DOCK - By Charles Plued­de­man

Loyal read­ers have been flood­ing the of­fice with cards and let­ters, anx­ious to find out whether my good friend Chuck Lar­son has se­lected a new boat to re­place his beloved Yar-Craft, which you may re­call was con­sumed last Novem­ber in a con­fla­gra­tion started by a singed rac­coon. The short an­swer is yes, Chuck has a boat. But of course, there’s a story.

Chuck quickly dis­cov­ered that the in­surance check he re­ceived for the loss of the Yar-Craft would make a very small dent in the price of a brand-new boat. So he shifted tac­tics.

“Why buy new when used will do?” was Chuck’s mantra as he sat tap­ping on a lap­top perched on the blue Formica of the Lake View Inn bar. He was scour­ing list­ings from Es­can­aba to Min­ne­ap­o­lis, sort­ing through the mis­treated — “trailer for sale, in­cludes boat” — and the mis­for­tu­nate — “con­vic­tion forces quick sale of boat” — and the mis­placed — “for pickup in north­ern Man­i­toba.”

At that pre­cise mo­ment, Bob “Toes” Lund wheeled into the bar with a cart of fresh snacks from his Frito-Lay “chip wagon.”

“There’s a Yar-Craft for sale on the east side of the lake,” said Toes. “Saw it yes­ter­day on my route. Looks just like your old boat.”

And here’s the real mir­a­cle. Chuck found an old red-and­white Darde­vle spoon, the per­fect re­place­ment for the one he lost in the fire. I have no idea how it got there. Can I get a hal­lelu­jah?

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