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These retro can­vas deck shoes re­minded me of the Red Ball Jets bas­ket­ball shoes I wore as a kid. The Chum­run­ners have the same can­vas con­struc­tion but are more com­fort­able thanks to the soft fab­ric and foam liner. And un­like the Red Ball Jets, they of­fer com­fort­able arch sup­port.

The chevron-style trac­tion worked well and was the ideal depth to in­crease trac­tion with­out pick­ing up rocks or shells in our test — but be­ware. And un­like the finer treaded shoes, these sloughed off wet sand eas­ily with a kick or a slap. The in­soles are re­mov­able. They are avail­able in brown and cob­ble­stone beige. A synthetic leather heel cap adds style and dura­bil­ity.

DRAINAGE: Weep holes in the in­soles did not help drain water from the shoe.

TRAC­TION DRY: 40 de­grees TRAC­TION WET: 35 de­grees DUNK AND DRY 1 HOUR: 35% DUNK AND DRY 2 HOURS: 34%

SIZES: Half-sizes from 7 to 11, plus 12, 13 and 14

COST: $69.99; xtratuf.com

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