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While cross­over tow boats are not new, in the past, mak­ers pre­sented ei­ther a ski-based boat that didn’t wake­board or surf very well, or a wake­boat that didn’t ski very well. In re­sponse to that de­mand, sev­eral man­u­fac­tur­ers have in­tro­duced true cross­over boats ca­pa­ble of do­ing it all. The Su­per Air Nautique GS22 stands as a prime ex­am­ple.

Uti­liz­ing hull fea­tures from other, world-record­set­ting Nautique boats, the GS22 is sur­pris­ingly ca­pa­ble in its ver­sa­til­ity, in large part be­cause of the cus­tomiza­tion ca­pa­bil­i­ties of the Nautique Con­fig­urable Run­ning Sur­face (NCRS) tab at the tran­som. This tab, con­trolled via a touch­screen at the dash, can be ad­justed to change the wake’s shape char­ac­ter­is­tics based on a rider’s pref­er­ences. For the GS22, the NCRS has a ski set­ting, help­ing the boat sit at the op­ti­mal at­ti­tude for smaller wakes based on the skier’s pre­ferred speed.

For wake­board­ing and wakesurf­ing, the GS22 is well-equipped with 2,250 pounds of sub­floor bal­last, along with the Nautique Surf Sys­tem (NSS), which can be re­motely con­trolled to shape up big waves and al­low the rider to trans­fer from side to side with ease.

The GS22 pos­sesses lines sim­i­lar to its larger G-se­ries fleet mates, but it sports lower, sleeker gun­wales. At 22 feet, the GS22 eas­ily holds 15 pas­sen­gers in com­fort, with plenty of room for stowage. Wrap­around seat­ing also fea­tures ad­justable back­rests to bet­ter al­low for watch­ing the ac­tion. There are also two lounge chairs at the swim plat­form — great for hang­ing out and swim­ming.

The Flight Con­trol Tower in­te­grates seam­lessly with the lines of the boat while pro­vid­ing room for speak­ers, board racks, and an over­size Bi­mini top that pro­vides plenty of shade. Want eyes in the back of your head? Up­grade the tower with the small cam­era that links with the LINC Panoray dis­play at the helm.

Equipped with the H6DI en­gine from PCM, this 6.2L puts out 465 foot-pounds of torque cour­tesy of 450 hp.

While the GS22 isn’t go­ing to make gi­ant wakes like its big brother, the G23, or world­class slalom wakes like its ski cousin, it is go­ing to of­fer wa­ter­sports-lov­ing fam­i­lies the abil­ity to do all of those things well. —Gar­rett Cortese

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