In keep­ing with this month’s speed theme, our Q&A deals with all things in per­for­mance boat­ing, be it out­board, stern­drive or in­board. Let’s get mov­ing and test your knowl­edge of speed.

Boating - - MAKING WAVES - —John Tiger

1. What is the least ex­pen­sive (and likely best en­hance­ment) per­for­mance mod­i­fi­ca­tion you can make to your boat? A. A new, bet­ter pro­peller B. En­gine modifications C. A jack plate D. Blueprint­ing the hull 2. Can to­day’s fourstroke and di­rect­in­jec­tion two-stroke out­boards be mod­i­fied for more horse­power and per­for­mance? A. Not legally; EPA reg­u­la­tions pro­hibit chang­ing any­thing on these en­gines be­cause it will af­fect emis­sions. B. Yes, as long as you clear it with your state’s en­vi­ron­men­tal board. C. No. The en­gine’s elec­tronic con­trol unit (ECU) pro­hibits this. D. None of the above 3. Will a nose cone ad­di­tion to the gear case help gain speed? A. Yes, it’s a wise in­vest­ment for those look­ing to go faster. B. Not al­ways; in many cases, the added drag of the cone can ac­tu­ally cause a loss of speed. C. Only in twin-en­gine ap­pli­ca­tions. D. None of the above 4. Out­board­ers: Solid en­gine mounts can help im­prove rough-water han­dling. Do they cause any is­sues with en­gine vi­bra­tion and pre­ma­ture wear? A. No, they im­prove han­dling with no detri­men­tal ef­fects. B. Vi­bra­tion does in­crease slightly, no­ticed mostly at idle speeds with the en­gine trimmed all the way in to the trim stops. C. Off­shore rac­ers have long known to check the steer­ing yoke, ex­haust hous­ing and swivel bracket for crack­ing and break­ing. D. None of the above E. B and C

5. Do trim tabs add speed to an al­ready fast boat? A. No, they add drag and ac­tu­ally slow the boat down. B. Yes, they al­low the boat to be trimmed higher so it rides on the tabs, re­duc­ing wet­ted sur­face. C. Yes, in that they can give the driver bet­ter con­trol at speed and in rough water, so the net re­sult is of­ten­times a speed in­crease due to the im­proved han­dling. D. None of the above E. B and C 6. Your boat is al­ready run­ning at or near its de­sign speed with your cur­rent setup. Will chang­ing to a cleaver-style pro­peller in­crease your boat’s speed? A. Maybe. Test­ing is the only way to find out for sure. B. If the boat needs stern lift (is rid­ing bow-high at speed), a cleaver will help in­crease speed. C. Prob­a­bly not. A cleaver is de­signed to lift the stern of the boat at speed, so it will cause the bow to plow with more wet­ted sur­face. D. None of the above E. All of the above

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