Boating - - BOAT DOCTOR - —Capt. Vin­cent Daniello

This tube will have your crew com­ing and go­ing with cool, wa­ter­borne de­light. Pulled from its for­ward tow point, the Big Bubba’s high back wraps around both sides, where my 4-year-old twin daugh­ters find tight cor­ners to nes­tle into along­side Mom. (The Big Bubba comes in two-, three- or four-rider mod­els.) The first time I pushed the throt­tle for­ward, I half ex­pected fright­ened faces scream­ing, “Stop!” In­stead, only laugh­ter from beam­ing smiles over­came the en­gine’s noise.

Chang­ing to the rear tow­ing point, where the seat back be­comes the front, the Big Bubba con­verts into a bucking char­iot for squeal­ing rid­ers. With the throt­tle down and my out­board’s horses un­leashed, older kids could kneel or stand while hold­ing the Big Bubba’s han­dles at chest or waist height, and the wrap­around sides pro­vided cor­ners to lean into for se­cu­rity.

Re­con­nect to the front and crew can now lie face­down, heads to­ward the boat, with bent-knee legs rest­ing on the back­rest. That makes three ways to play with this tube — four if you count us­ing it as a float­ing lounge while tied off to the an­chored boat.

Teenagers may find the Big Bubba a bit tame, but my fam­ily finds their full mea­sure of fun from for­ward mo­tion, waves, and this hy­per­col­or­ful bag full of ex­cite­ment. $279.99 (two-per­son ver­sion); wowwa­ter­sports .com

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