Even if your boat has a kickin’ stereo, bring­ing a por­ta­ble Blue­tooth speaker on board is great for beach­ing or raft­ing up. Here are three to choose from, rang­ing from most to least ex­pen­sive. —Pete McDon­ald

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THE BOOM: The small­est of the three, it can fit in the pocket of your cargo shorts. It’s rated IPX7, mak­ing it sub­mersible, and it comes with an in­flat­able pad to help it float.

THE BUST: It has de­cent sound, but it lacks the vol­ume of the oth­ers and can pair with only one other Ao­mais speaker.

PRICE: $30.99; ao­mais.com THE BOOM: The prici­est unit is also the loud­est, with the best sound qual­ity of the three. The lithium-ion bat­tery lasts for up to 15 hours. It can be con­nected with other JBL speak­ers to am­plify the sound.

THE BUST: Splash-proof but not sub­mersible. At 4.7 pounds, it’s the heav­i­est of the three.

PRICE: $299.95; jbl.com THE BOOM: This mid­dlepriced por­ta­ble unit pro­vides qual­ity 360-de­gree sound and can be paired with up to eight de­vices at the same time and with up to 50 to­tal UE speak­ers. It is sub­mersible to IPX7 stan­dards.

THE BUST: Any IPX7 sub­mersible speaker is go­ing to lose a bit in sound qual­ity.

PRICE: $179.99; ul­ti­ma­teears.com

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