Boating - - MAKING WAVES -

1. E. All of the above are good prac­tices to en­sure a smooth launch with­out keep­ing oth­ers wait­ing.

2. B. The drain plug should be on your check­list and in­stalled be­fore launch­ing.

3. E. All of the above are good ways to back a trailer. How­ever, noth­ing beats prac­tice.

4. E. All the sug­ges­tions make good check­points on a be­fore­launch check­list.

5. B. Mov­ing your boat away from the ramp en­sures room for oth­ers to launch and re­trieve.

6. E. A and B are the best moves. Wait­ing while idling away from the ramp or at a dock that’s out of the way of the ramp is the best way to make room for oth­ers to do their thing. When it’s your turn, you’ll be ready.

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