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WAR­RANTY: Five years or 60,000 miles

This tire’s dura­bil­ity comes from what Yoko­hama calls Triple 3D sipes in the tread that change shape as the tire wears. The unique rub­ber com­pound in­cludes or­ange oil and other poly­mers to in­crease dura­bil­ity. Shoul­der tread cov­ers nearly 40 per­cent of the tread wall to in­crease trac­tion in mud, snow and slush.

EX­PE­RI­ENCE: This tire felt clos­est to the Hankook Dynapro fac­tory-in­stalled pas­sen­ger tire on the Ford F-150. Its smooth roll­out seemed to give it end­less coast­ing. Its brak­ing char­ac­ter­is­tics felt sim­i­lar as well, with no de­tectable re­duc­tion in brak­ing or squish­ing when the brakes were ap­plied. It did ride a lit­tle harder than the pas­sen­ger tire, as ex­pected, but cor­nered well and pro­vided good sta­bil­ity with our tow load. The tread looked more ag­gres­sive than the other tires tested but ac­tu­ally turned out to be very quiet at neigh­bor­hood and high­way speeds. We found the cir­cum­fer­en­tial grooves gave us a more pas­sen­ger­tire-like ride and wet-sur­face trac­tion than the ag­gres­sively blocked tires. Over­all, these tires pro­vided the ride clos­est to the fac­tory pas­sen­ger tires, but in spite of their free­wheel­ing feel and smooth roll­out, they clocked lower fuel econ­omy. SIZE: 275/55R20 DI­AM­E­TER: 32.36 in. TREAD DEPTH: 17/32 in. TIRE WEIGHT: 57.7 lb. LOAD/SPEED RAT­ING: 120/117S LOAD ID: E RIM WIDTH: 8 to 10 in. MPG: 16.5 MPG TOW­ING: 8 35 MPH/DBA: 56 70 MPH/DBA: 67

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