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WAR­RANTY: Five years or 60,000 miles

Two side­wall de­signs give the owner the op­tion of choos­ing the look that suits him. High-den­sity sip­ing keeps tread blocks firm off-road but chan­nels away wa­ter on pave­ment. The tire is de­signed to be stiffer on the road with good trac­tion off-road.

EX­PE­RI­ENCE: Peo­ple of­ten make jok­ing of­fers on our boat when we trailer it to a gas pump or ramp. When we put these tires on, we started get­ting of­fers on the truck. The slight in­crease in di­am­e­ter gave a sur­pris­ing impression of an ag­gres­sive, lifted truck. They were clos­est to the Toyos in per­for­mance, sta­bil­ity and ride but slightly stiffer than pas­sen­ger tires. Treads for mud and snow are siped dif­fer­ently to im­prove for­ward trac­tion at the ex­pense of rain trac­tion — a fac­tor we no­ticed nav­i­gat­ing clover­leafs. So, slow down on wet, curvy roads — a good rule al­ways, bet­ter still for AT tires. The dirt and con­crete ramps were no trou­ble for these tires with our boat in tow. SIZE: 285/55R20 DI­AM­E­TER: 32.36 in. TREAD DEPTH: 16/32 in. TIRE WEIGHT: 55.86 LOAD/SPEED RAT­ING: 112/119S LOAD ID: E RIM WIDTH: 8 to 10 in. MPG: 16.5 MPG TOW­ING: 8 35 MPH/DBA: 69 70 MPH/DBA: 70

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