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These cast-alu­minum, milled wheels come in black or satin gray. We had a hard time choos­ing but went with black on our black test truck. They are avail­able in 17, 18 and 20 inches. The good-look­ing wheels clean up eas­ily af­ter mud­ding or driv­ing on rainy roads and have re­tained their satin shine in rough test­ing, with no chip­ping or scratch­ing. The rear wheels have been in and out of salt wa­ter with no ill effects. WIDTH: 9 in. BOLT PAT­TERN: 6 x 135 LOAD RAT­ING: 2,500 lb.

BIG WHEELS ROLLIN’ Func­tion is all well and good. That doesn’t mean your rig’s wheels can’t look cool too.

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