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Hi Mick. I read Mr. Hotchkiss’ let­ter in the June is­sue with in­ter­est (“What a Mess,” page 34). My oil fil­ter re­sides on top of my Mer­cury 496 en­gine, and I have made a mess more than once when re­mov­ing it.

See the at­tached pic­tures of my so­lu­tion us­ing a cut­off rub­ber 3-inch pipe fit­ting, which al­ready comes with a handy hose clamp. The rub­ber piece is just a tube (or sleeve) that fits around the fil­ter and clamps di­rectly to the stand on which the fil­ter sits.

The fil­ter just slips into it and screws into place like nor­mal.

The re­sult is a cup that con­tains any spill where it can be soaked up. Care still needs to be taken.

I’m proud of it, but don’t give me too much credit. I got the idea from my Ger­man cars, which also have top-mounted fil­ters.

It’s a snug fit; wipe a small amount of oil on the in­side for easy in­stal­la­tion of the new fil­ter.

Izaro Ur­reizti­eta Tuc­son, Ari­zona


Hi Mick. I got a new boat cover for my 1997 Ac­tion Craft 17 Bayrun­ner after Hur­ri­cane

Irma. The cover was col­laps­ing for­ward of the wind­shield be­cause the sin­gle-pole sup­port would get blown down and the cover filled with wa­ter. For this rea­son, I bought an ad­di­tional roll-con­trol track from East Coast Plas­tics. I bolted it to both gun­wales for­ward, made a sup­port us­ing 1¼-inch­di­am­e­ter PVC pip­ing, and in­serted into my roll-con­trol rod hold­ers. The prob­lem was solved.

Jim Co­hen Key Largo, Florida

Thank you, Mr. Co­hen. That’s a great warm-cli­mate so­lu­tion. Where freez­ing temps may oc­cur, a dif­fer­ent ma­te­rial should be used to im­ple­ment your de­sign be­cause PVC may be­come brit­tle and fail in cold temps.

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