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I’ve come to rely on the tiny hand com­puter that is my phone for more than just com­mu­ni­ca­tion on board; now it’s of­ten the cen­ter­piece for both en­ter­tain­ment and nav­i­ga­tion. Bring­ing a smart­phone on board, how­ever, still presents a litany of prob­lems. Like, where to put it? Leav­ing it ex­posed on deck can sub­ject it to drops, salt wa­ter and the sun. I’ve seen phones go dead many times from over­heat­ing. (Con­versely, in colder weather the bat­tery drains at a rapid clip.) Some peo­ple use wa­ter­proof cases that float and can with­stand a hit from a car tire, but they al­ways seem to di­min­ish the cam­era or the au­dio. Of­ten, I still re­sort to the old standby plas­tic sand­wich bag, or I just throw it in a wa­ter­proof back­pack, to pull out when needed. Some­times, I throw it in a cup holder in­side a beer koozie. What’s new now?

En­ter the Phoozy. It’s not go­ing to solve the prob­lem of pro­tect­ing your phone in use, but it will keep it safe when you want it handy in the dash. The Ther­mal Cap­sule XP-3 is a soft, light­weight sleeve de­signed to hold your phone and some cash or credit cards. Throw your phone in­side and set it on your boat’s helm or in a cup holder, and it will be pro­tected from drops, heat or cold ex­po­sure, and the oc­ca­sional splash. If you drop it in the wa­ter, it floats. When you need your phone, pull on the Vel­cro tabs and slide it out. The Phoozy is a sim­ple, slim and ef­fec­tive so­lu­tion for pro­tect­ing your phone.

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