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The T23 is the big­gest tra­di­tional-bow boat in the Axis line, which means it not only pro­vides some of the largest wakes for rid­ing or surf­ing, but it also has plenty of room for friends, fam­ily and gear.

The first thing you no­tice when see­ing the T23, or any Axis for that mat­ter, are the bold, ag­gres­sive lines. From bow to stern, the lines flow back, in­cor­po­rat­ing the wind­shield and tower seam­lessly. The wind­shield is not a wrap­around, which some might see as a down­grade, but hav­ing the open sides comes with ad­van­tages, es­pe­cially in sit­u­a­tions like dock­ing where the driver might need to reach out to hold off the boat.

One of the big­gest ad­van­tages Axis has go­ing for it is ac­cess to some pro­pri­etary tech from the Mal­ibu moth­er­ship. Aboard the T23 that is ev­i­dent with Surf Gate and the Power Wedge II, which are optional as part of the Per­for­mance Surf Pack­age (PSP). The Surf Gate sys­tem’s stern-mounted hy­draulic tabs are con­trolled by the driver (or rider with re­mote wrist­band) and in­stantly make a giant, sur­fa­ble wave that can also trans­fer from one side to the other.

Be­neath the swim step you will find the Power Wedge II, a hy­draulic foil that can be set in dif­fer­ent po­si­tions to al­ter the shape and size of both wakes and waves. When de­ployed, it cre­ates the equiv­a­lent of an ex­tra 1,000 pounds of bal­last. Com­bined with 1,000 pounds of in­ter­nal bal­last (plus an optional plug-and­play bal­last up­grade), this truly makes the T23 a boat that any level of rider can feel com­fort­able rid­ing.

Speak­ing of com­fort, with room for 16 there are no wor­ries about be­ing cramped while aboard the T23. Stor­age is plen­ti­ful in the large rear lock­ers, un­der each seat­ing area, be­hind the spot­ter seat, and even in the bow. Even the floor is com­fort­able un­der­foot be­cause it’s cov­ered with a has­sle­free, soft-touch deck­ing.

To top it off, the Axis T23 is ex­tremely user-friendly. Just put it in the wa­ter, push some but­tons, fill some bal­last, and you’re good to go. Min­i­mal fid­dling with weight is re­quired. The only prob­lem will be find­ing time for all 15 of your friends to ride all those dif­fer­ent boards.

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