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Q: Dear Boat Doc­tor, I just bought my first boat — an out­board-pow­ered 24-footer. I’m also new to trai­ler­ing, and I see other boats fit­ted with tran­som-sup­port kick­stand de­vices. Should I be us­ing one? I was ad­vised it would be bet­ter for my tran­som. Thanks!

Will Sturges Charles­ton, South Carolina

A: Con­grat­u­la­tions on your new boat! Your boat is de­signed and built to with­stand the weight of your en­gine plus the pull of its prop as it cour­ses over waves. Rolling over a pot­hole, curb or road de­bris — how­ever care­ful you may drive — is an even­tu­al­ity that nei­ther boat nor out­board is de­signed for. Use a sup­port de­vice such as the Tran­som Saver or sim­i­lar. Note that the tilt-lock lever built in to your en­gine is for static use in the wa­ter at a slip or moor­ing and not for use while trai­ler­ing over the road.

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