“Paradise is anywhere with a kayak”


Kayaking is the purest form of freedom and exploratio­n – just you, your kayak and a paddle. Silent, self-propelled progress, with no limit on where you can explore. Naturally, a boat can only take you so far - with an Axopar even further - but a kayak truly opens new avenues of adventure; the shallowest of bays and deepest of caves are all within reach from the seat of a kayak. Axopar’s multipurpo­sr roof rack means you can carry multiple kayaks safely and securely without them taking up valuable space on deck. They are easy to launch from the boat, though beginners may want to start from the beach where it’s easier to climb into the kayak. It’s a hobby that is great exercise, transferab­le to any body of water and the perfect pursuit to enjoy with a group of friends or family. Kayaking can be as challengin­g or relaxing as you want to make it and it will take you to places you never thought you would be able to see. To get the most out of kayaking as a beginner, a course to learn the basics – especially how to get in and out of the kayak safely – is a good idea, but this is a hobby that will reward you immediatel­y. It is also sensible to notify someone if you leave for a solo kayak in case there is an emergency. The choice of kayaks is varied. Most people will be familiar with the sit-on-top kayaks that are wider and provide more stability so are ideal for beginners. But there are touring kayaks – long with small cockpits – recreation­al kayaks that are more suited to calm water, white water kayaks for the adrenaline junkies, and inflatable kayaks that are the easiest to transport. No matter which style you choose, a kayak opens up new realms of adventure.

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