“A walk in nature walks the soul back home”


Hiking is the most accessible pastime of them all. Young or old, apart from a decent pair of shoes, there is no equipment needed to discover nature on foot. It is an outdoor pursuit that can be enjoyed alone or with friends and family; it’s an opportunit­y to clear the head and gather thoughts or spend time, in beautiful scenery, surrounded by the people that you cherish most. Whether it’s following a trail or exploring off the beaten track, a walk in the wild soothes the soul. There are national parks all over the world which are covered by maps and have suggested trails to follow. Some have dedicated areas for night stop-offs and huts that you can make use of overnight. True exploratio­n takes place on foot. A boat can whisk you to an isolated island or secluded beach but it’s on your own two feet that you can discover hidden treasures and lose yourself in nature’s embrace. A trail may take you a couple of hours at a relaxed pace with a stop for lunch but a day hike acts as more of a challenge and will take planning and some basic equipment to ensure everyone is safe. Whatever style of hike it is, no other pursuit links you quite so intimately with the natural world.

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