Mark Gomez

PWC Freestyle Champion and Movie Stuntman


As a kid, Mark Gomez would fashion a stand-up Jet Ski from his dad’s workout bench and a broom and pretend he was riding a stand-up personal watercraft alongside videos of his favorite freestyle riders. Years later Gomez would get the opportunit­y to be on that TV himself, backflippi­ng his ski in a pool while doubling for Hangover star Ken Jeong in an Adidas commercial. What followed was a surreal decade where Gomez got picked for the opening scene of the Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg film I Am Number Four, doubled for actors in TNT’s Animal Kingdom, starred in music videos, and earned no fewer than seven Freeride and Freestyle world championsh­ips. His latest role lands him directly in the path of a speeding rally car driven by Travis Pastrana in the viral Gymkhana video series. Thankfully, he survived to tell us his tale. —Jeff Hemmel

So, how does one go from being a kid who fashioned an imaginary Jet Ski out of a bench and a broomstick to a guy whose aerial exploits on a real ski pop up on TV and movie screens?

I went to work at a Jet Ski shop to learn and support my love for riding with parts and repair knowledge, and to meet like-minded people. That passion brought me to the World Finals in Lake Havasu. Networking allowed me to meet childhood heroes, such as (world champ-turned-Hollywood stuntman) Larry Rippenkroe­ger. He tossed my name in for the Adidas ad. Doing that job made me SAG union-eligible to work on the film I Am Number

Four a couple of months later.

What are some of the craziest stunts you’ve been asked to perform?

I’ve been asked to throw my $50,000 competitio­n ski out of an infinity pool while wearing a deflating T. rex costume for the film

Hot Water. That was probably one of the more sketchy stunts

I’ve done.

Ever drawn the line and said no?

I don’t like to say no, but during my call with Travis Pastrana for Gymkhana 2022, he asked me if I could jump over a Subaru— using no wake and from a standstill—while he was driving at me around 115 mph! We adjusted and still made a rad sequence.

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