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X2Power represents one of the leading brands in marine lithium batteries, and we gave one of its models a seasonlong test in a G3 V167T aluminum boat, fishing the lakes of central Michigan. It was a 31-series 100-amp-hour, 12-volt deep-cycle battery featuring lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry ($899.99; batteriesp­ In this test, we dedicated it to powering a Minn Kota PowerDrive 12-volt trolling motor with Spot-Lock.

We were delighted with several facets, including the light weight of 28.2 pounds (about 50 percent less than a comparable lead-acid battery), power delivery (it ran for two to three days without fading or needing a recharge), the fast-charging characteri­stics (it charged about four times faster than the old lead-acid battery), and the five-year free-replacemen­t warranty.

We tested the battery in conjunctio­n with the X2Power 7.5-amp battery charger ($129.99; batteries, which did a great job of quickly bringing the battery to full potency once we set the charge mode to “lithium.” It can charge flooded-cell, gel and AGM lead-acid batteries as well.

Some X2Power batteries are now Bluetooth-enabled, allowing you to monitor state of charge and other functions with the X2Power app. Our test battery did not include the app, but we installed a Victon Energy SmartShunt 500-amp Bluetooth battery monitor ($130.90; to monitor the state of charge.

One caveat: These deepcycle batteries are not for use as cranking batteries and should be completely isolated from the engine-cranking circuit. Applicatio­ns are limited to circuits for equipment such as trolling motors and marine electronic­s. Visit x2power to learn more.

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