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(June 1). You don’t have to wait for joy, because you can access it anytime from wherever you are. Finding the light is not an ability but a rememberin­g. Family will succeed together. Business is favored between loved ones. You’ll help community and yourself at the same time. There will be a property purchase in November. Taurus and Capricorn adore you. Your lucky numbers are: 4, 44, 8, 40 and 13.


“I recently found a strange email in my husband’s computer. It had originated on a social networking account he has, and he accidental­ly left his computer open and his account logged in. I wasn’t trying to be nosy, but when I went to close his computer, the message was right there on the page. It was from someone he had dated many years ago, and it was a short note saying how much she missed talking to him. Should I bring it up to him? I’ll be incriminat­ing myself as a snoop if I do. I’m a Virgo, and he’s a Capricorn.” Only you can answer this question. Capricorn is a very traditiona­l-minded sign and doesn’t take the rules of personal privacy lightly. He’ll have an issue with your snooping no matter how accidental it may have been. Being a Virgo, you will likely not let this issue rest without some kind of resolution. Your mind will turn it and work it like a piece of eternal chewing gum until you finally decide how you’re going to spit it out. I don’t want to use the word “obsessive,” but I guess I just did! It’s all in your execution. Be spirituall­y light.


Not only is Alanis Morissette born under the sign of the twins; she also has a twin brother. When you think about it, being embodied as a twin is a convenient way for the double-bodied sign to revel in the multiplici­ty and dualism of life without having to commit to only one identity -- or even one place. Perhaps it’s not exactly “ironic,” but it is also notable that Morissette has dual citizenshi­p in Canada and the U.S.

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