PUB­LIC EN­E­MIES! $ 40,785 Proof that govt. work­ers ring up heftier salaries, OT and ben­e­fits

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At long last, the proof is in. You know age-old ex­cuse around here. Tax­pay­ers have to pay and pay for ridicu­lous pen­sions Cadil­lac health ben­e­fits to gov­ern­ment work­ers — leg­is­la­tors, city coun­cilors, court clerks, PR flaks, high­way work­ers, jan­i­tors, etc. — to lure tal­ented peo­ple from the pri­vate sec­tor, where they’d make higher salaries.

Not true! The jig is up! The scam re­vealed!

Ac­cord­ing to new num­bers from the Bureau of La­bor Statis­tics, as cal­cu­lated in Fri­day’s USA To­day, in more than eight out of 10 oc­cu­pa­tions fed­eral work­ers earn higher salaries than those do­ing the same jobs in the pri­vate sec­tor.

That’s even be­fore you add on health and pen­sion ben­e­fits, which av­er­aged $40,785 per fed­eral em­ployee in 2008 vs. $9,882 per pri­vate worker, the La­bor Bureau re­ported.

While state, lo­cal, city and county work­ers av­er­age slightly less in salary (be­tween 2 5 per­cent) than those do­ing the same work in pri­vate sec­tor, they too earn con­sid­er­ably more when their health care, pen­sion and early re­tire­ment op­tions are added in.

Take that, you weaselly Democrats who refuse to do any­thing about this stuff. But you bet­ter watch out. Your neme­sis, Sen. Scott Brown, re­peat­edly ham­mered th­ese boon­dog­gles

NOTE: NUM­BERS ARE AVER­AGES PRO­VIDED BY BUREAU OF LA­BOR STATIS­TICS on the cam­paign trail. Ob­vi­ously, it res­onated. If un­em­ploy­ment and fore­clo­sure rates keep inch­ing up, imag­ine how it’ll res­onate come re-elec­tion time this fall.

And USA To­day didn’t even touch on all the le­gal steal­ing that goes rou­tinely around here, where an over­whelm­ingly Demo­cratic Leg­is­la­ture ben­e­fits from the same thiev­ery and de­fends and/or turns a blind eye on ev­ery­body else’s.

Take the civil en­gi­neers and po­lice over­time cash-in that the Her­ald re­ported on Fri­day. One en­gi­neer’s base pay of $76,000 sky­rock­eted to $205,000. One state trooper’s salary of $70,800 bal­looned $180,000 with po­lice de­tails. Last Sun­day the Her­ald re­ported on 200 al­ready highly paid ($84,000 to $110,000) clerk mag­is­trates and their as­sis­tants pock­et­ing tens of thou­sands in bail fees, $40 a pop, that might have come back to the all-but­broke state. Last month, the Her­ald re­ported on Bos­ton City Clerk Rosaria E. Salerno, a for­mer nun, for God’s sake, boost­ing her $100,000 salary with $68,000 in wed­ding fees that could have come back to the all-but-broke city.

We’re re­port­ing con­stantly on dou­ble-and triple-dip­pers, those gov­ern­ment work­ers who’ve re­tired in their 50s, even 40s, then gone back to work at a sec­ond or third gov­ern­ment job to col­lect yet an­other gov­ern­ment salary on top of the pen­sion they’re al­ready bank­ing.

Make no mis­take. This is why we’re broke. is why your neigh­bor­hood fire­houses and li­braries are shut­ting down

kids’ class sizes are go­ing up — along with your prop­erty taxes. Your lo­cal politi­cian might try to blame the re­ces­sion or en­ergy costs or what­ever. Don’t be­lieve him.

The truth, Av­er­age Joe and Jane? You are pay­ing more taxes and get­ting fewer ser­vices so that gov­ern­ment work­ers — whose wal­lets al­ready are fat­ter than yours — can con­tinue to get theirs, and more. You’ll be scrap­ing by in re­tire­ment, as­sum­ing you can ever re­tire. They’ll be re­tir­ing their 50s, se­cure, with health care and pen­sions for life. And you paid for them.

Let me ad­mit it: Yes, I’m jeal­ous.

add: The older I get, the more jeal­ous I be­come.

Our only hope? That pri­vate sec­tor vot­ers out­num­ber gov­ern­ment and/or wired union vot­ers this fall. Oth­er­wise, they’ll spend their golden years in con­dos in Florida. And you’ll drop dead on the job — if you’re lucky enough to have one.

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