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Wyc bursting with pride after Bellagio nups


Ever thought about running off to Vegas and getting married? Just like that? Let Celtics CEO and co-owner Wyc Grousbeck tell you all about it. Grousbeck was beaming with joy during Wednesday night's game against the Milwaukee Bucks. It wasn't because of how his team looked on the court, because they were on their way to a loss. It was because he was dishing about how he got married. “If you're ever in Vegas, I would recommend the Bellagio chapel,” he told the Track with a grin. We all knew Grousbeck has been engaged to New York businesswo­man Emilia Fazzalari since December. At first, the two were reportedly going to be married in April. Then suddenly, people started referring to Fazzalari as Grousbeck's “new bride.” Well, here's how it went down. Grousbeck said he and Fazzalari were in the middle of planning a big wedding, when they realized it was getting out of hand — tell us something we don't know, Wyc. It reached the point, Grousbeck said, when they were booking a musical entertaine­r, and it was all becoming too much. He and his fiancee were done with it. And in a matter of just 24 hours, he said, the betrothed rallied a small group of close friends and told them they needed to get to Sin City. They were married at, you guessed it, the Bellagio Resort, amongst their nearest and dearest. That was on Jan. 7, according to the Bellagio's event site. It's the best way to do a second wedding, the now happily married groom said. Grousbeck was gushing about how delighted he was about their decision to elope instead of throwing a knockdown, drag-out, full-on wedding. We take it he doesn't come from a culture that holds lifelong grudges for far lesser offenses, like failing to invite your third-cousin's “goombadi” to your wedding. Cheers to that.

 ?? STAFF FILE PHOTO BY JOHN WILCOX ?? BRIDE & GROOM: Celtics CEO Wyc Grousbeck and new wife Emilia Fazzalari.
STAFF FILE PHOTO BY JOHN WILCOX BRIDE & GROOM: Celtics CEO Wyc Grousbeck and new wife Emilia Fazzalari.
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