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Tele­vi­sion love­birds Jared Hai­bon and

Ash­ley Ia­conetti have been set­tling back into their off-cam­era real­ity — well, as best as two “Bach­e­lor” stars can fol­low­ing their highly pub­li­cized pro­posal. De­spite the cou­ple’s chaotic lives, the Prov­i­dence na­tive and his bride-to-be to man­aged to sit down with the Track to dis­cuss what we’re all dy­ing to know — from their seem­ingly speedy en­gage­ment, which will air dur­ing the up­com­ing sea­son of “Bach­e­lor in Par­adise,” to any pre­lim­i­nary plans for their even­tual “I do’s.”

TRACK: You were friends for a long time and then hit us all with a one-two punch of sur­prises, an­nounc­ing your re­la­tion­ship and then, soon af­ter, your en­gage­ment. What made you go all in so quickly?

Jared Hai­bon: When we be­came boyfriend-girl­friend I think that’s when we both de­cided we were all in. We kept our re­la­tion­ship pri­vate for a cou­ple months be­cause we wanted to just have a very nor­mal-life re­la­tion­ship. There was a lot of his­tory be­tween the two of us so we didn’t re­ally want to an­nounce it and put that ex­te­rior pres­sure on us. We re­ally wanted to work on our­selves and as soon as we crossed that line be­tween friend­ship and re­la­tion­ship, we knew this was a life­long type thing and so get­ting en­gaged just seemed like the nat­u­ral pro­gres­sion.

Ash­ley Ia­conetti: We’ve been say­ing these past cou­ple of days that when we’re re­fer­ring to each other as boyfriend and girl­friend, it just didn’t seem as of­fi­cial as we felt it was.

TRACK: Your en­gage­ment co­in­cided with a some other sud­den, high-pro­file pro­pos­als, like be­tween Ari­ana Grande and Pete David­son and Justin Bieber and Hai­ley Bald­win. Are you guys start­ing a trend?

JH: Truth be told, all six of us — Justin, Hai­ley, my­self, Ari­ana Grande, Ash­ley and Pete David­son — we’re all on the same email chain. … So it was all planned. But se­ri­ously, we’ve been friends for so long that it was like we were in a re­la­tion­ship these past cou­ple of years, go­ing through great times and dif­fi­cult times, work­ing through those ob­sta­cles to­gether and con­tin­u­ing our strong friend­ship. Once we added the phys­i­cal level and it was so easy and so good, both of us real­ized this was go­ing to be some­thing that was go­ing to last for the rest of our lives.

TRACK: Have there been any sur­prises that you’ve dis­cov­ered about one an­other since step­ping out of the friend zone?

AI: It’s just like the silly things. Like he dries his body off af­ter a shower re­ally roughly. He also brushes his teeth with the

same amount of vigor and I’m like, “Can you calm down? You’re de­stroy­ing your gums.”

JH: For me, I just can’t keep my hands off Ash­ley.

AI: That’s ac­tu­ally also a sur­prise to me. Back in De­cem­ber, if you had told me that Jared would be all over me, I would never have be­lieved you. It seemed like he was al­ways shy­ing away from the small­est touch when we were just friends.

JH: A cou­ple of years ago, we were talk­ing about our love lan­guages and I told Ash­ley that a love language that was very im­por­tant to me was phys­i­cal touch. And at the time, I ob­vi­ously wasn’t touch­ing Ash­ley and she said, “You don’t know your­self be­cause that is not one of your love lan­guages.” And of course now, I am so touchyfeely with her and she’s real­ized, “Oh, OK. Maybe it is one of your love lan­guages.”

TRACK: Let’s talk wed­ding. What’s plan­ning been like so far?

AI: Well, that’s the crazy thing: You get en­gaged and ev­ery­one as­sumes that you’re al­ready plan­ning. We have a time­line. We’re say­ing within the next 14 months, but we haven’t started look­ing at venues. That’s prob­a­bly some­thing we’ll start do­ing in Au­gust or Septem­ber. I’m go­ing wed­ding dress shop­ping, though, later this month so that’s pretty ex­cit­ing.

JH: Well, Pete and Ari­ana were plan­ning around Jan. 20, so we’re plan­ning on Jan. 15. You know, get five days in be­fore them. Hon­estly, we haven’t started plan­ning. The advice we’ve got­ten from other peo­ple is that you’re only fi­ances once in your life and af­ter that, you’re go­ing to be hus­band and wife for the rest of your lives, so en­joy this very ro­man­ti­cized time be­cause it won’t be the same.

TRACK: The big ques­tion: Will the wed­ding be tele­vised?

AI: We re­ally don’t know at this point. We’d be down to have a TV wed­ding, but we have a lot of talk­ing to do.

JH: Yeah, we’re open to any­thing. The most im­por­tant thing to me is mak­ing sure that Ash­ley has the best wed­ding that she ever dreamed of — whether that be on TV or off TV.


‘Bach­e­lor in Par­adise’ stars Jared Hai­bon and Ash­ley Ia­conetti went from just friends to a cou­ple to en­gaged in seem­ingly record time.


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