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A man who went on Google Street View in Peru stum­bled upon an im­age of his wife with an­other dude. She was seen sit­ting on a bench with the guy lay­ing across her lap. The hus­band con­fronted her, and she ad­mit­ted to be­ing un­faith­ful. The photo was shot in 2013, so she had been see­ing her paramour on the sly for about five years. Di­vorce en­sued.

BE WITH YOU IN A MINUTE, OF­FI­CER … A man who was pulled over by po­lice in Bella Vista, Ark., for a bro­ken brake light im­me­di­ately be­gan eat­ing the mar­i­juana and metham­phetamine that he had in his car.

TWO WRONGS DON’T MAKE A RIGHT … A man in Naperville, Ill., paid his court fines with credit card in­for­ma­tion which he had stolen.

WE CAN USE TH­ESE FOR THEIR MUGSHOTS … Rob­bers, who con­fronted a woman in New Or­leans and stole her purse, later used her cell­phone to take self­ies not re­al­iz­ing that the pho­tos would be au­to­mat­i­cally up­loaded to her iCloud ac­count. The cops don't yet know who th­ese guys are, but they do know ex­actly what they look like.

OF COURSE I FIND YOU AT­TRAC­TIVE, BUT NO … SLASH! … A man in Vero Beach, Fla., re­fused sev­eral re­quests from a woman to have sex, so she cut him in the face with a kitchen knife.


… A woman tried to pass $4,900 in coun­ter­feit $100 bills at the Safe­way in Des Moines, Wash. Store man­agers fig­ured the bills were bo­gus, be­cause they had bright pink Chi­nese char­ac­ters printed on them and they all had the same se­rial num­ber.

HE WAS VOTED MOST LIKELY TO BE QUES­TIONED BY PO­LICE … A man threat­ened to blow up the Elks Lodge in Jones­boro, Ark., when his class­mates would be at­tend­ing their 20th high school re­union.

A NAT­U­RAL MIS­TAKE UN­DER THE CIR­CUM­STANCES … A man drank a bot­tle of whiskey and five liters of beer, and then smashed eight dome lamps on an es­ca­la­tor at the Ta­gan­skaya sta­tion of the Moscow sub­way. He said that he thought that the lights were pen­guins.

I WAS JUST PRO­VID­ING A PUB­LIC SER­VICE … A man on pro­ba­tion for vi­o­lat­ing a re­strain­ing or­der in Spring­field, Mo., fig­ured out how to re­move his cour­tordered an­kle mon­i­tor with a screw­driver and a but­ter knife with­out break­ing the cir­cuit. He filmed him­self do­ing it, and then posted the video on Face­book to help oth­ers do the same. Po­lice soon be­came aware of this.

NOT EX­ACTLY A SMOOTH OP­ER­A­TOR … A man went on a wild de­struc­tive shoplift­ing spree at the Tar­get store in Seat­tle, head-butting a sales­man and throw­ing one dis­play down a store es­ca­la­tor while cus­tomers were on it. He used one dis­play as a weapon, swing­ing it like a sledge­ham­mer and try­ing to break a se­cure case loaded with iPads and Ap­ple Watches. Po­lice caught up with him af­ter he came back to the store twice more to steal again.

OLD HABITS DIE HARD … A man was ar­rested for rob­bing the same bank in An­chor­age, Alaska, three times.

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