‘Star Wars’ mis­sion: Launch ‘Re­sis­tance’

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LOS AN­GE­LES — “Star Wars: The Force Awak­ens” picks up more than 30 years af­ter events in “Star Wars: The Re­turn of the Jedi.” A lot can hap­pen in three decades. That’s where the new an­i­mated se­ries “Star Wars: Re­sis­tance” will fill in some of the gaps. The pro­duc­tion, which de­buted last week on Dis­ney Chan­nel, takes place just be­fore the events of “The Force Awak­ens.” Kazuda “Kaz” Xiono (voiced by Christo­pher Sean) is a young pilot re­cruited by Poe Dameron (Os­car Isaac) to work for the Re­sis­tance on a top-se­cret mis­sion to spy on the grow­ing threat of the First Or­der. Poe and BB-8 take Kaz to the Colos­sus, a mas­sive air­craft re­fu­el­ing plat­form on an outer rim wa­ter planet. Sean is new to voice act­ing, hav­ing worked on live­ac­tion projects such as “Hawaii Five-0.” But, Sean has been a fan of an­i­ma­tion all his life. “To find the way to play Kaz, I took in Han Solo’s charisma, Poe Dameron’s in­stincts and my fa­ther be­ing mil­i­tary, I take in from him re­spect,” Sean said. “Of course I take in my silli­ness and my clum­si­ness.” As for where “Re­sis­tance” fits in the “Star Wars” uni­verse, Sean doesn’t see it as the bridge be­tween “Re­turn of the Jedi” and “The Force Awak­ens.” His take is the uni­verse is mas­sively big. The events of “Re­sis­tance” are just a piece of a lot of sto­ries to be told. The team be­hind “Star Wars: Re­sis­tance” are veter­ans of pre­vi­ous “Star Wars” projects. The se­ries was cre­ated by Lu­cas­film An­i­ma­tion vet­eran Dave Filoni, the man be­hind “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and “Star Wars Rebels.”

FIGHT­ING GA­LAC­TIC THREAT: ‘Star Wars: Re­sis­tance’ airs on the Dis­ney Chan­nel.

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