Weapons aren’t the real threat to our safety

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Each time it hap­pens — each time a weapon-wield­ing bar­bar­ian shoots down in­no­cent by­standers, which is now hap­pen­ing so fre­quently we’ve al­most ex­hausted our ca­pac­ity to be shocked — our Pavlo­vian re­sponse is to de­mand the ex­tinc­tion of firearms, as if that alone would be all that’s needed to re­store us to safer times.

Please. If only it was that sim­ple.

Those nine black South Carolini­ans gunned down dur­ing a Bible study were as in­dis­crim­i­nately tar­geted as the 11 Jewish con­gre­gants gunned down three years later in a Pitts­burgh syn­a­gogue.

The 59 con­cert­go­ers whose lives were snuffed out by a sniper on the Las Ve­gas Strip were as in­no­cent and un­sus­pect­ing as the 49 rev­el­ers who suc­cumbed af­ter be­ing fired upon on a dance floor in Or­lando.

It’s over­whelm­ing, isn’t it? We saw 20 el­e­men­tary school stu­dents slain in Con­necti­cut, and 12 high school kids slain in Colorado fol­lowed by an­other 17 in Florida, and 32 col­le­gians as­sas­si­nated at Vir­ginia Tech.

And that’s merely scratch- ing the sur­face of th­ese evil times.

Now an­other 12 in­no­cents are slaugh­tered in a Cal­i­for­nia bar, and once again, hav­ing learned noth­ing, our lead­ers rush be­fore the cam­eras to con­demn the weaponry, naively in­sist­ing if guns and ri­fles could be ban­ished we’d have no such prob­lems.

That’s out­ra­geous. Don’t they un­der­stand that what’s in a killer’s head mat­ters more than what’s in his hands?

It’s the poi­soned minds of th­ese killers that im­per­ils us, not the tools they choose to use, and it’s mad­ness to ig­nore that, which is ex­actly what we do, time and time again.

To not un­der­stand that is to not un­der­stand what’s hap­pen­ing to Amer­ica.

Firearms are not needed to ter­ror­ize us.

The Tsar­naev broth­ers used pres­sure cook­ers, re­mem­ber?

Char­lie Man­son’s “fam­ily” used knives, re­mem­ber?

Ted Kaczyn­ski? Tim McVeigh? They used bombs, re­mem­ber?

Ted Bundy? Al­bert DeSalvo? They used their hands, re­mem­ber?a

We’ve seen mad­men drive pickup trucks into crowds, re­mem­ber?

None of th­ese mon­sters needed a ma­chine gun, ri­fle or pis­tol.

Nei­ther did the ji­hadists who slaugh­tered thou­sands in New York. They used air­planes, re­mem­ber?

It’s not the weapon that threat­ens us.

Th­ese weapons ex­isted long be­fore Amer­ica turned into the killing field it’s fast be­com­ing.

They were read­ily avail­able back when life made sense, re­mem­ber?

They haven’t changed, but as a so­ci­ety we sure have.

Some­one needs to say so, but that would take courage on the part of our lead­ers, a qual­ity un­for­tu­nately in short sup­ply th­ese days.

So they con­tinue play­ing to the po­lit­i­cally cor­rect crowd, trolling for cheap ap­plause.

Mean­while, noth­ing changes.


MORE LOSS: Peo­ple gather around can­dles and a U.S. flag Thurs­day dur­ing a vigil to pay trib­ute to the vic­tims of a shoot­ing in Thou­sand Oaks, Calif.

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