Co­hen needs to learn facts

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Be­fore pat­ting Alexan­dria Oca­sio-Cortez con­de­scend­ingly on the head, Adri­ana Co­hen might want to brush up on her own facts. Yes, we cur­rently have a pro­gres­sive tax code — but with a top rate of only 39 per­cent, for those earn­ing al­most half a mil­lion. And as War­ren Buf­fett pointed out in 2013, many of the wealthy pay sub­stan­tially less than that be­cause of loop­holes that fa­vor the rich. By the way, Ms. Co­hen, U.S. tax rates were 70 per­cent or higher on the wealthy dur­ing the decades that the econ­omy ex­panded hugely. And the yel­low vest protests in France were largely fu­eled by the on­go­ing sense that France’s gov­ern­ment fa­vors the wealthy and the elite — they were merely trig­gered by a fuel tax. In com­par­i­son, the Green New Deal fa­vored by Oca­sio-Cortez would, like the orig­i­nal New Deal, sup­port the work­ing class. The first New Deal was a re­sponse to the cri­sis of the Great De­pres­sion. The Green New Deal re­sponds to the dual crises of cli­mate change and in­equal­ity — both of which threaten our so­ci­ety far more than AOC’s “rad­i­cal” ideas. She has done her home­work and of­fers prac­ti­cal, time­tested so­lu­tions. What are your ideas, Ms. Co­hen? — Su­san Don­ald­son, Cam­bridge

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