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VP Kamala Harris sure looks like a 2024 presidenti­al candidate


It’s never too soon to think 2024.

Will Donald Trump run? What about Mike Pence? The Cancun trip is sure to hurt Ted Cruz, but he’ll probably still dip his toe into the water.

There’s absolutely no doubt Vice President Kamala Harris will be the Democrat to beat, though. The Biden administra­tion is raising her profile right out of the gate.

Harris has spoken independen­tly of President Biden to at least six world leaders, the Washington Post reports.

She’s been involved in planning for responses to Iran and Saudi Arabia — and we’re still only two months into Biden’s tenure. But at 78 years old, this is his one and only turn in the Oval Office.

On Monday, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona was swornin by Harris. She also delivered virtual remarks to the National League of Cities’ Congressio­nal City Conference, VP pool reports state.

And, in a continuing lead role, she’s the tie-breaker in the U.S. Senate. She was already in that seat last week in the 50-51 vote to pass the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package. That’s exposure any candidate would beg for. Now Harris has a clear lane to build on that platform.

The limelight can also come with risks. The Republican­s will be taking notes. What said politics wasn’t thrilling?

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