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Grad’s speech


I always thought that Wendy Murphy was a serious columnist, but it was hard to take seriously her reality-challenged column on the Texas valedictor­ian who pleaded for the continued killing of the unborn, (Wendy Murphy: “Texas grad showed guts with unapproved speech,” June 6).

In Murphy’s implausibl­e perspectiv­e, if you agree with elite opinion, the Democratic Party, the mainstream media, Hollywood, the education industry and corporate America (which funds Planned Parenthood), then your position is “bold,” and “brave,” and “subversive,” and takes “guts,” and involves “risks.”

The only people who have had the courage to be counter cultural in the abortion debate are the supporters of the right to life, who have been vilified in the media, expelled from the Democratic Party, and swindled by the old guard of the pre-Trump Republican Party.

It was appallingl­y sad to read Murphy’s claim that a woman’s autonomy depended on her ability to destroy the innocent life in her womb. What would cause a rational human being to embrace such a pitiless conclusion?

— C. J. Doyle, Executive Director,

Catholic Action League of Massachuse­tts, Boston

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