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Ethnic slur slip up at WEEI

- By Rick Sobey rick.sobey@bostonhera­ Herald wire services were used in this report.

A Boston sports talk radio station with an infamous history of racist comments added another chapter to its long list yesterday, as WEEI’s Chris Curtis used an ethnic slur against Japanese people on air.

Curtis called ESPN’s Mina Kimes a “nip” during The Greg Hill Show, as the hosts discussed their favorite alcohol nips.

The Boston City Council is looking at banning nips in the Hub.

“It begs the question: Top 5 nips,” host Courtney Cox said during the show’s segment.

“Oh yes, that’s a great one,” host Greg Hill responded.

“Because Dr. McGillicud­dy’s I think is number one or two,” Cox said.

Then Curtis chimed in: “Uh, I’d probably go Mina Kimes,” flashing a grin in the simulcast video.

Both Cox and Hill continued to talk about how Fireball should be on the list.

Curtis on Wednesday was getting blasted for his remark on social media.

ESPN’s Sarah Spain ripped Curtis.

“FYI — Nip is an ethnic slur against people of Japanese descent,” Spain tweeted. “What are we doing here, @WEEI? p.s. Mina isn’t even Japanese, you jackass.”

ESPN in a statement said, “There is no place for these type of hateful comments, which were uncalled for and extremely offensive.”

Curtis and broadcasti­ng company Audacy did not immediatel­y respond to requests for comment from the Herald.

According to the Globe’s Chad Finn, Curtis meant to say the actress Mila Kunis, corporate claimed. Kunis was born in the Ukraine.

Kimes after seeing that post changed her profile picture to Kunis.

This latest incident at WEEI comes five years after the station held sensitivit­y training following a host’s offensive impersonat­ion of an Asian accent.

Host Christian Fauria had imitated sports agent Don Yee on-air in an exaggerate­d, mocking Asian accent. Advertiser­s dropped WEEI as a result.

The most infamous racist incident at WEEI was when John Dennis compared a zoo’s escaped gorilla to minority children who participat­e in Metco, a state program that buses inner-city students to Boston’s mainly white suburbs.

The top sports talk radio station in the region, 98.5 The Sports Hub, was recently in the spotlight for racist comments.

Host Tony Massarotti was suspended for his “insensitiv­e” comment about Black people sitting behind his 98.5 co-host Mike Felger.

All of the on-air Beasley employees in the Bostonarea took sensitivit­y training after that.

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