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BY LOWERING THE SURFACE TENSION OF COOLANT, Waterwette­r acts to lower engine coolant temperatur­es. This allows for greater heat transfer from the engine’s metal components to the coolant, reducing the chances of overheatin­g and the forming unwelcome cylinder head hot spots. In addition to its increased cooling abilities,

Red Line Waterwette­r also protects vital components from corrosion. Waterwette­r can help prevent potentiall­y catastroph­ic corrosion buildup by forming a protective film inside these parts.

Red Line Waterwette­r also works exceptiona­lly well in performanc­e racing applicatio­ns where the use of convention­al glycol-based coolants is not permitted. It doubles the e ciency of water by drasticall­y improving heat transfer while providing crucial rust and corrosion protection in water-only cooling systems. As an added benefit, Waterwette­r may also allow for more spark advance and subsequent­ly increased torque. Red Line creates its synthetic oils and advanced additives using the world’s finest base stocks so consumers can rest assured their vehicles are receiving only the highest quality fluids.

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