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at the Depart­ment of Mo­tor Ve­hi­cles ( DMV) to ob­tain or re­new a driver’s li­cense; those mo­ments pass by very slowly. Can you think of a child who feels it isn’t a long, long time from one Christ­mas to the next? Even bet­ter, at this mo­ment in late July, any child feels Santa Claus time is so very far away. It re­ally isn’t and will be here be­fore we know it.

Some per­cep­tive state­ments about time: There are many ex­pres­sions made about time; these ex­pres­sions are usu­ally not de­fined nor can they be de­fined ac­cu­rately; yet their mean­ing is eas­ily grasped.

Lis­ten as we ob­serve that older peo­ple ad­mon­ish younger to “use their time wisely.” Then it is of­ten af­firmed that “the young are af­forded all the time in the world.” That last state­ment is not true in any sense of the word. And then we are of­ten re­minded that “time creeps up on you,” or that “time flies,” ( one of my fa­vorites). We use the ex­pres­sion “time is of the essence” and “in due time.” How of­ten we re­mind our­selves that “there is no time like the present.”

These sim­ple state­ments were gath­ered from sev­eral sources and are not orig­i­nal with me, even though I use them of­ten and hear

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