TOBI Says, Fic­tion or Non­fic­tion?

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Non­fic­tion is a true story. Fic­tion is a story that does not have to be true. A story or novel is writ­ten for en­ter­tain­ment. It may con­tain some true parts, but it is writ­ten for plea­sure and not as his­tory.

His­tory books are ex­pected to be ac­cu­rate to the truth. Some­times the au­thor has to fill in some de­tails, be­cause of cir­cum­stances. Maybe the per­son died, or some­thing hap­pened that no one knew about.

News­pa­pers are chron­i­cles of what hap­pened. A writer tells what they saw, or records what some­one else saw hap­pen. You can go back in time and read about past events.

Some­times emo­tions af­fect the story. Two boys telling mom what hap­pened could be two dif­fer­ent sto­ries. Just as at a ball­game the team that you like can af­fect the way you see an of­fi­cial’s call.

So, when you read a book, or lis­ten to some­one tell a story, you have to de­cide what you be­lieve. Your faith in the au­thor will de­ter­mine what you be­lieve.

The Bi­ble is not a his­tory book, but it does tell some his­tory. It con­tains sci­ence and teach­ings about other things.

If Chris­tians be­lieve the Bi­ble is God’s Word, then they should be­lieve it to­tally. God was there when ev­ery­thing hap­pened. He does not have to guess. He knows all the de­tails.

You must trust God and be­lieve the Bi­ble. You can have faith in Him. You de­cide how much faith you have, and who to be­lieve. Sounds sim­ple. It was meant to be that way. He wants ev­ery­body to be­lieve in Je­sus, and ac­cept His gift, of for­give­ness of sin. You de­cide, fic­tion or non­fic­tion?

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