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We’re fin­ish­ing up the Christ­mas sea­son; a time for love and gift giv­ing. These two go to­gether. Chil­dren en­joy Christ­mas be­cause they as­so­ciate it with un­earned presents. Whether they are good or bad, toys show up un­der the tree. This largesse is an af­fir­ma­tion that some­one cares about them — just be­cause of who they are.

For Chris­tians, the hol­i­day is also a re­minder of Christ’s birth. They cel­e­brate what amounts to the great­est gift of all. Their Sav­ior brought the pos­si­bil­ity of eter­nal life. For those who be­lieve in him and/ or lead an honor­able life, on judg­ment day they will be raised from the dead to spend eter­nity in heaven.

But what about the here and now? Can we adults ex­pect many gifts in this com­ing year? I am sorry to re­port that this is un­likely. Civic love has be­come so scarce in this time of par­ti­san strife that at least in the pub­lic arena hos­til­ity will pre­vail.

Once chil­dren looked for­ward to a stock­ing full of good­ies hang­ing from the fire­place. If they were lucky, this would in­clude an or­ange. When this fruit was an ex­otic lux­ury, it was a treat. If they were bad, how­ever, a lump of coal would ap­pear in its place.

It looks as if there will be lots of coal in our col­lec­tive stock­ings.

The war be­tween the lib­er­als and con­ser­va­tives is not over. In­deed, it is likely to in­ten­sify, with each side do­ing its best to wound the other. There will be no love — and few gifts — be­cause the goal is po­lit­i­cal an­ni­hi­la­tion.

The Democrats have al­ready tipped their hand. Hav­ing taken con­trol of the House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives, they will use their aug­mented power to im­peach the pres­i­dent. The find­ings of the Mueller in­ves­ti­ga­tion will be em­ployed to ar­gue that Trump is guilty of high crimes and mis­de­meanors.

These an­gry lib­er­als do not care whether the charges are valid. They are so fu­ri­ous that they are con­cerned only with sup­plant­ing their en­emy. If, in the process, they harm our demo­cratic tra­di­tions, they are un­moved. Love of their fel­low coun­try­men will not soften their hearts.

They are also go­ing to hold hear­ings where the deck is stacked against their foes. We had a fore­taste of what is to come dur­ing the con­fir­ma­tion of Brett Ka­vanaugh for the Supreme Court. Once more a pre­sump­tion of in­no­cence will be thrown to the winds.

As for the Re­pub­li­cans, they will re­tal­i­ate when they can. Hav­ing main­tained con­trol of the Se­nate, it will be used to get even. The right-wing se­na­tors will hold hear­ings de­signed to em­bar­rass lib­er­als. Don’t be sur­prised if Hil­lary’s server comes up or if rogue FBI agents are end­lessly grilled.

Fur­ther­more, if the Re­pub­li­cans are able to con­firm a new at­tor­ney gen­eral, he may is­sue a slew of in­dict­ments. When it came to con­vict­ing felo­nious be­hav­ior, Democrats pro­tected their own. The ta­bles could turn if con­ser­va­tives feel un­der suf­fi­cient pres­sure.

Nor will this anti- love fest be con­fined to the Wash­ing­ton swamp. An­tifa will not go away. Its masked ma­raud­ers will con­tinue to beat those who op­pose their so­cial­ist agenda. They may even pro­voke right- wing bul­lies to fight vi­o­lence with vi­o­lence.

But per­haps the strangest de­vel­op­ment of all may be the PC war against het­ero­sex­ual love. Not long ago it was deemed enough to pro­tect gays from big­otry. Their jobs were to be safe­guarded and their abil­ity to ex­press ho­mo­sex­ual love de­fended.

This bat­tle hav­ing been won, some gays and fem­i­nists were em­bold­ened to at­tack their for­mer op­pres­sors. A prime ex­am­ple of their strat­egy is to re­move songs like “Baby It’s Cold Out­side” from the mar­ket­place. This light­hearted peon to het­ero­sex­ual se­duc­tion is equated with rape and there­fore con­demned.

PC has be­come so per­va­sive that most of us have to walk on eggshells lest we of­fend some­one with a thin skin. Left­ists have ap­pro­pri­ated the right to cas­ti­gate any­one who dis­agrees with their racial or sex­ual poli­cies. This is not love; it is not tol­er­ance. The gift here is one of op­pres­sion and con­form­ity.

Would that we could re­turn to a gen­uine Christ­mas spirit. It would be nice if we were able to of­fer each other the gift of for­give­ness. That, how­ever, is not in the cards. It is thus a good thing that coal pro­duc­tion is in­creas­ing be­cause we will need a lot of it to fill the many, many stock­ings of those who for­got what love is.


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