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Blood on the alter

- Fulton Arrington is a past president and current board member of the Friends of the New Echota State Historic Site. He can be reached by email at fultonlarr­

They found another mass grave a few weeks ago. Two hundred and fifteen children buried in an unmarked mass grave on the grounds on an Indian boarding school in western Canada.

A boarding school operated by a “Christian” denominati­on. Perhaps not coincident­ally, this is the same denominati­on that seems to have had a problem keeping pedophiles out of the ranks of its clergy.

The truly sad part is that unaccounte­d deaths in the Indian boarding school systems of both the United States and of Canada were not unusual, nor was anyone held accountabl­e.

In truth, the boarding schools’ entire reason for existing was to kill Indians, so no one really cared if a few were raped or beaten to death in the process. The scandal is just recently coming to light, and that leads us to the real atrocity of the situation. Perhaps it would be easy to excoriate the perpetrato­rs who actually carried out these unspeakabl­e crimes, and they do richly deserve eternal damnation, but the true culpabilit­y for these crimes against humanity lies much farther up the food chain.

To truly understand the ongoing criminal conspiracy that was the Indian boarding school system, it is necessary to first explore a little history. and that exploratio­n of history will remind us of the real and present danger of politicize­d religion. We can find this lesson in the earliest days, when folks claiming to be in search of religious freedom came to what is now called Massachuse­tts.

While they may have been seeking religious freedom for themselves, it was not long before they found it expedient to deny that freedom to others, before too long they were hanging their own women for “witchcraft” (one wonders if the women’s real crime was not spurning the advances of a politicall­y powerful preacher), they also found it expedient to offer a bounty on for Indian scalps.

Twenty pounds sterling for the scalp of an Indian child under the age of twelve, either sex, twenty-five pounds for the scalp of an Indian woman, forty pounds for the scalp of an Indian man, this is where the term “redskin” comes from. As expected, killing Indians became a commercial business. And of course, these sociopathi­c serial killers were fully welcome in the local church, while Indians were not.

If the commercial­ization of murder and genocide had been as effective as it was intended to be, we would never have seen the phenomenon that was the Indian boarding school. But as is often the case with the best laid plans and worst conspiraci­es of mice and men, it was not. Some of us survived.

These survivors presented a problem a hundred plus years later as open murder was no longer politicall­y expedient, so other means had to be found. One of those other means was the program of psychologi­cal genocide known as the Indian boarding school, a program developed by the government­s of the United States and Canada, and managed, for the most part, by various “Christian” denominati­ons. The justificat­ion for this program of mental and physical torture was that Indians were not fit to live in “civilized” society unless and until they had been remade in the image of the white man. The stated purpose of the boarding school system was to take Indian children as young as four or five years old, by force, place them in an institutio­nal setting, and completely destroy any shred of their culture and background.

The majority of these schools were run by churches or church affiliated organizati­ons. Today, these sorts of programs are called reeducatio­n camps and are universall­y condemned as a violation of human rights, in fact China is currently accused of pursuing a similar program among the Uyghur minority.

Given the stated purpose of the boarding school program, it is little wonder that it attracted pedophiles, sadists, and other perverts. Also, what better place to dump problemati­c and scandal prone members of the clergy then such a program where there was no accountabi­lity and little concern for the potential victims? We have seen just such personnel shifting in more modern times, resulting in massive lawsuits against organizati­ons previously considered too sacred to question.

Nation States often commit unspeakabl­e crimes in the pursuit of “national interest” and justify the same under the heading of political realism.

For nation states that justificat­ion is debatable, but in case of the church there can be no such justificat­ion. Such a perversion of the Gospel of Christ is a sin of the highest order. It is both blasphemy and sacrilege, one cannot blame a person for not wishing to convert if the most evil individual they have ever met is a churchman with a bible in the hand and perversion in the heart, “you shall know them by their fruits” the scripture tells us. These sinners are the spiritual descendant­s of the self-righteous priests who delivered Christ to be crucified.

History is a harsh judge they say, and God is no respecter of persons, the “church,” writ large, must at some point both account for and repent of, the innocent blood that stains its altar. For all innocent blood is as the blood of Christ.

 ??  ?? Arrington

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