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County BOE talks calendar, project funding

- By Cat Webb CWebb@CalhounTim­

The Gordon County Board of Education met Monday to discuss funding for projects, school events, and the upcoming school calendar.

Kendra Pannell, GCS Communicat­ions Coordinato­r, gave a brief overview of some possible changes to the school system’s calendar. The new calendar will be guided by a survey given to both GCS employees and to parents, community members, and students.

Survey results were similar for both employees and stakeholde­rs. The two most popular requests were to have a full two week break for Christmas as well as a full week at Thanksgivi­ng.

Other popular responses

among both groups were longer days and shorter school weeks, matching Calhoun City Schools’ schedule, and mirroring this year’s schedule. While stakeholde­rs preferred a single year schedule’s release, employees tended to prefer a multi-year schedule.

Employees also favored

flex days, digital learning days, early release days near Christmas and end of year, and more mental health days and workdays.

The drafted schedule will be going out for public comment soon, with board members appearing positive about the changes.

“Looks like, to me, everything they wanted is in there,” Chairperso­n Charlie Walraven stated.

Also on the table were several superinten­dent’s recommenda­tions, all of which were approved unanimousl­y.

These recommenda­tions included a $35,134 purchase of a 2022 Ford Transit Van XL-350 to replace an older ‘08 model, $85,7500 on steel fencing for the SHS baseball field, and a constructi­on manager at risk from RKR Constructi­on for Ashworth Middle School.

Board members also heard about recent bus driver shortages, which have affected not only Gordon County but school systems nationwide. There are currently 52 route drivers and no full-time subs with two out on leave, making for 50 total drivers.

In an attempt to bring in more drivers, GCS has been offering bonuses for new drivers, but has had to compete with industry pay rates and has been unsuccessf­ul.

The Gordon County BOE meets at the Gordon County College and Career Academy at 305 Beamer Road. The next regular board meeting will be on Monday, Dec. 13.

 ?? Cat Webb ?? Gordon County BOE met Monday, Nov. 8, at the Gordon County College and Career Academy, 305 Beamer Road.
Cat Webb Gordon County BOE met Monday, Nov. 8, at the Gordon County College and Career Academy, 305 Beamer Road.

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