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Braves win! Braves win!


Braves win! It is an exciting time for the Atlanta fans. How did it start? The Braves hired Brian Snitker to be their manager. They put their faith in him, to make the team successful.

He hired the coaches, and started his program. At first there was little trust in him.

Along the way there were some successes, and some failures. As progress was made, the trust in him grew.

It took several years to be successful and reach the goal. Their faith was rewarded.

This is an example for Christians. When a person believes in God, and puts their faith in Christ, God will build their trust in Him.

When Jesus chose his disciples, they were average men that had faith in God. For three years, they listened to him teach. They saw him do miracles, They saw his love for the people.

Each day their trust in Him grew. As they gained strength, and learned his lessons, their trust grew more.

It took several years to get them ready to carry on the job after he left.

After he left, they received the gift of the Holy Spirit, and the power of God in their life, and ministry.

Each Christian will grow spirituall­y at their own pace. God will use each one in a special way. What is he going do with you and through you?

 ?? ?? Tobi

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