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Do you want joy?


Watching all the ballgames, this time of year, brings many thrills for the fans. The emotions go up and down.

You have had many thrills riding the rides at a theme park. It is a few minutes of great thrills. I am sure that you can name many other times that gave you some exciting thrills.

But thrills are short time. They are fun and then they are over. Just some nice memories.

Joy is different. Joy is more lasting. Do you remember the song on how to spell Joy? It says Jesus, and others, and you.

First you meet Jesus. He makes the changes in you. Then you serve him by choice. This leads to caring about others. You get joy as you do for others.

You are important in the proper way. God loves you. You are special.

Do you want to have real and lasting Joy? First know Jesus. Then serve others when you have the chance to do something for them. And then you will have the Joy of seeing Jesus do for you.

Now you can have and enjoy the Joy of the Christmas season, and it will last all through the year.

 ?? ?? Tobi

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