Calhoun Times




Cases filed the week of Dec. 13

through Dec. 17

Chapter 7

Kevin A. Gillean, 274 Blackwood Place.

Chapter 13

Robin L. Spear, 128 Barrett Lane.


Total equity value of transactio­ns, this listing: $4,162,000. Note: Dollar figure given represents tax at $1 per $1,000 on equity value

of transactio­n. Transactio­ns are taken from deeds recorded at the Gordon County Clerk of

Superior Court.

SDH Atlanta LLC to Cessar A. Perez, 115 Waterside Drive, $192.

SDH Atlanta LLC to Anthony T. Francis, 1102 Dews Pond Road, $193.

SDH Atlanta LLC to Stephen and Kristen Matherly, 112 Waterside Drive, $219.

Tasha Brown to Caylor H. McCollum and Calnan L. Mahan, 126 Kennedy Drive, $225.

Baron M. Baker to William P. Deaton, Jr., map and parcel 059A043, $470.

Stephen L. Woodson to Timothy J. Hawkins, 240 Townsend Drive, $250.

Ernie Smith to Sergio Hernandez and Hilda Guzman, 1123 Fairview Road, $13.

McKinley Homes US, LLC to Jifeng Ren, map and parcel CG42E-098, $252.

Wallace L. Hall, Jr. to Howard R. Wells, III, map and parcel CG55B-06271-09, $250.

Rachel F. Gallman to Harry F. Borders, map and parcel p/o 072-033, $180.

W. R. West to J. Perkins Farms, LLC, map and parcel p/o 040-003A, $365.

Peachtree Building Group, LLC to Larry E. Greene, III, map and parcel 033-297, $205.

McKinley Homes US, LLC to John T. Eanes, II, map and parcel CG42E-003, $251.

Silverston­e Residentia­l GA, LLC to Paula P. and Michael D. Gunter, 244 Steamboat Street, $395.

McKinley Homes US, LLC to Wesley S. Daniel, map and parcel CG42E-082, $291.

Glenn B. Jackson to Robert L. Allen, Jr., map and parcel 070-069, $268.

Brandon Harrison to Roger Evans, 264 Farmington Drive, $250.

Jerry Goering to Pravinbhai and Kalpanaben Shah, 111 Waterford Drive, $83.

Salvador Acosta-Sanchez to Enrique Blanco Pedraza, 334 Larkspur Drive, $282.

Jerry Blalock to Branden Hunter, map and parcel 085-020, $124.

Powell & Stewart, Inc. to Salvador Acosta-Sanchez, C18-13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18, $150.

Amy Graber to Cody and Tori Johns, 105 Lighthouse Cove, $397.

Johnny Gravitt to Zenhao Holding, Ltd., 349 Springhill Road, $280.

Brian D. Wilson to Kerry L. and James Semones, 213 Patriots Row, $255.

Habitat for Humanity of Gordon County, Inc. to Gabriel Solis, 114 Barrett Drive, $15.

Mary E. Fox to Kathy D. Yanosy, 119 Brookstone Drive, $229.

Juana Rodriquez to Esther Martinez, 116 Pine Drive, $47.

Tonya Baker to Jessie Shelton, 299 Floyd Road, $765.

Kathy D. Yanosy to Miranda A. and Jeremy Ingold, 2017 Moore’s Ferry Road, $175.

GA Realty Solutions, LLC to Vicente Rodriguez, 772 Naomi Court, $10.

Roger S. Bearden to Onel Rosas, 240 Shepherd Road, $150.

Jeffrey M. Jones to Christy Tinoco, map and parcel 027-034. $169.

Robert E. Van Vlake to Kyle L. and Bailey J. King, map and parcel C52052, $250.

Jake R. Smith to Jeffrey M. Jones, map and parcel 033-249, $230.

Tamara L. Starkey to Christophe­r E. Self, map and parcel 037-083, $935.

GA Realty Solutions, LLC to Alana and Ivan Cano, map and parcel 1231771, $10.

McKinley Homes US, LLC to Mohammad Asif, map and parcel CG42E-002, $245.

Jenny L. Hensley to Dilbeck Lands, Inc., map and parcel 113A-002, $100.

The Estate of Christine

Clark to Dylan T. Johnson, 125 Highland Drive, $121.

Joseph O. Dilbeck to Good American Lands, LLC, map and parcel 12311582, $2.

EF Horne, LLC to Brandon N. Harrison, 156 Baker Road, $298.

Brent M. Ivey to Cedsar and Stephanie Midence, 140 Whipporwil­l Drive, $200.

Aubrey Rose to Jonathan N. and Linsey H. Siniard, 509 Cartecay Drive, $271.

Good American Lands, LLC to Julian and Shanell Quiles, map and parcel 12311582, $7.

Robert L. Allen to Alondra Ramirez-Calderon, map and parcel 080-144, $220.

Joseph D. Skibo to Rebecca and Wayne Camboia, map and parcel 101013, $485.

Juan M. Robles Escobedo to Juan Robles, Jr., map and parcel CG43A-160, $220.

Brian Gentry to Daniel and Tasha Bennett, map and parcel 021-129B, $18.

Southern Property Investing and Developmen­t, LLC to Sharron Alexander, map and parcel 111030, $250.

Back 40, LLC to Kelli J. and Daniel Lamberton, 180 Kinman Road, $300.

Gary and Nora Thompson to Elite Land & Properties, LLC and Nora Thompson, 1464 Hanna Drive, $528.

Gary Thompson to Elite Land & Properties, LLC, 442 Marque Lane, $528.

Jessie J. Jackson, Jr. to Tina L. and Jessie J. Jackson, Jr., 511 Union Grove Church Road, $1.

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