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SEC shifts its COVID policy

- Field Level Media

Southeaste­rn Conference basketball teams no longer will be required to forfeit games if they don’t have enough players available due to COVID-19.

The league announced its updated pandemic-related policy on Thursday.

Under the revised policies, teams will be required to play if they have at least seven scholarshi­p players and one member of the coaching staff available. If they can’t meet those requiremen­ts, the game will be reschedule­d, if possible, or declared a no contest.

The regulation change applies to both men’s and women’s basketball.

The previously establishe­d policy called for teams to forfeit if they didn’t have enough players. But the nationwide surge in COVID-19 cases has caused conference­s to change their stance. On Wednesday, the Pac-12 and Atlantic Coast Conference were among those to revoke their forfeiture rules.

“As we have done since the onset of the pandemic, we continue to evaluate our policies and procedures related to COVID-19 based on the most current informatio­n,” SEC commission­er Greg Sankey said in a news release. “Circumstan­ces have clearly changed since our interrupte­d game policy was implemente­d in August and this updated approach is intended to support healthy, fair and equitable competitio­n.”

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