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State warns of COVID-19 testing scams, price gouging

- From Office of Attorney General Chris Carr

Attorney General Chris Carr and Georgia Department of Public Health Commission­er Kathleen E. Toomey, M.D., M.P.H., are warning Georgians to beware of potential scams related to the heightened demand for COVID-19 testing.

“We urge all Georgians to be on the lookout for fraudulent COVID-19-related practices, specifical­ly as it pertains to testing,” said Carr. “Unfortunat­ely, scam artists seeking to take advantage of the increase in demand will attempt to con hardworkin­g

Georgians into paying for fake tests. Do your research to ensure you are visiting a legitimate operation and receiving results from a valid provider.”

“Testing is a critical component for identifyin­g outbreaks of COVID and to inform mitigation strategies,” said Toomey. “Misinforma­tion from unapproved COVID tests could result in people not following isolation and quarantine protocols and lead to further transmissi­on of the virus and serious or life-threatenin­g illness.”

Be very skeptical of those who are going door-to-door, approachin­g you on the street or driving around town offering COVID-19 testing. Be wary if someone wants to charge you for an in-person test, as this might indicate a scam. To ensure you are visiting a valid in-person COVID-19 testing site, visit the DPH website at dph.­ng and scroll down to “Find a Testing Location.”

Additional informatio­n about COVID-19 testing is available through DPH or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If you question the legitimacy of a testing site, contact your local police or sheriff’s office.

Finally, the Office of the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division is aware of reports of overchargi­ng for COVID-19 tests. CPD continues to monitor the marketplac­e and partner with members of the Georgia and national business community to combat health product price gougers and scammers. For consumers seeking to report price gouging and scams, go to to file a complaint or call 404-651-8600.

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