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Cases filed the week of Dec. 20 through Dec. 24

Chapter 7

Kathleen E. Wilber, 4250 Scott Brown Road.

Chapter 13

Emory D. Blasengame, 110 Roberts Street.


Total equity value of transactio­ns, this listing:

$17,307,000. Note: Dollar figure given represents tax at $1 per $1,000 on equity value

of transactio­n. Transactio­ns are taken from deeds recorded at the Gordon County Clerk of

Superior Court.

David B. Alumbaugh to Zillow Homes Property Trust, 305 Talon Drive, $239.

Victor Collazo to Jeremy Turner and Jenny Hulsey, 118 Bristol Lane, $206.

Michael Freeman to Wayne L. Rogers, 143 Green Row, $98.

Karen J. Capehart to Temple Property Management, 721 Johnson Road, $300.

Cindy L. Dodd to Carrington and Adam Cook, 266 Willow Haven Street, $287.

W. Harrison Unlimited, LLC to Michelle Perry, 12 Rips Road, $344.

Estate of Valerie carmella Bearden to Amanda G. and Carolyn Peeples, 833 Johnson Lake Road, $214.

LEG Newton, LLC to Apartments at Woodland, LLC and Woodland Equity, LLC, map and parcel C50-067, C60-065, and C50-058, $3,888.

Leg Woodland, LLC to Apartments at Woodland, LLC and Woodland Equity, LLC, map and parcel 042B-032, 042B-033, and 042B-039, $3,888.

Jeremiah Taylor to Gail L. Stewart, 3874 Dews Pond Road, $190.

S&B Property Management, LLC to Nikunjbhai and Nirupama N. Patel and ARYA11, LLC, map and parcel C28-054, $1,050.

Jeremiah Taylor to Gail L. Stewart, 3874 Dews Pond Road, $190.

Georgeann M. Dixon to Adrian Lyles, 148 Brookline Circle, $63.

Ma G. Ruiz Contreras to Maria A. Chavez, 217 Jeep Street, $50.

Billy E. Grisham to Bartow and Beyond, LLC, 1002 Russell Hill Road, $30.

Tommy Bennett to Johnny L. Smith, map and parcel 026B-151, $10.

Billy M. Horner and Linda Gentry to EF Horne, LLC, 204 Rips Road, $172.

TCP Investment­s, LLC to Cindy L. and Charles J. Dodd, map and parcel 066-372, $18.

Melanie A. Teal to Jose G. LopezSilva and Esmerelda L. Medrano, 138 Riverview Drive, $50.

Jeanette Cochran, Individual­ly and as Executrix, to The Landlord, Inc., 220 Nance Road, $120.

Sherry L. Walraven to Corevision Investment Group, LLC, map and parcel C66-015 and C66-015A, $1,200.

Charlotte Y.T. Dickens to The Landlord, Inc., 5247 Roland Hayes Parkway, $150.

Together, LLC and Frederick H. and Thomas J. Brown, III, as co-trustees, to A. Tsakiris Family Limited Partnershi­p, map and parcel 054A-147, 054A148, and 054A-149, $2,963.

Sandra B. Long, as Executrix, to Stephanie and Daniel Walters, 618 Bray Road, $300.

Ricky R. Cronon to Robert B. and Elizabeth Painter, 515 Red Bone Ridge Road, $369.

Gregory T. and/or Carol A. Bowen, as Trustees, to Deborah C. and John D. Sartain, map and parcel 070-098, $60.

Clifford S. Lancey to Cassie Castoe, map and parcel 1231813, $53.

Divided Sky, LLC to Steven and Anita Hulsey, map and parcel 105-009B, $33.

Benjamin K. Timms to Matthew Ford, map and parcel 078049, $178.

Peachtree Building Group, LLC to Jingyu Yao and Todd Lerner, map and parcel 033-325, $202.

Bruce Hicks to Trace Still and Brenlee Edwards, 124 Sunset Drive, $215.

Peachtree Building Group, LLC to Alex B. Cardona Castillo and Heidi Y. Castillo, map and parcel 033-324, $177.


The following properties have no real estate

transfer tax due to property being a gift, parties involved in transfer being political

subdivisio­ns of either the United States or the State of Georgia, parties involved either a public authority or non-profit corporatio­n,

property transferre­d in divorce settlement, deed is in lieu of foreclosur­e, deed is division of property among joint tenants or type of ownership, such as half interest, or actual

considerat­ion is less than $1000.

Debra A. Barton to Woodline Acres, LLC, map and parcel 1231-353, $512.

Cavender, LLC to Thomas H. and Judy C. Parker, map and parcel 108030, $10.

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