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NFL amends its COVID health and safety protocol


Players can return to play from a positive test after five days of quarantine regardless of vaccinatio­n status under the terms of the latest NFL health and safety protocol update.

Effective this week and regardless of whether a player is vaccinated, a return is possible five days after a positive test and no further testing is required. Players, coaches and staff may all return without restrictio­n provided the individual is symptom-free.

However, vaccinated players may “test out” of protocol with two negative tests that can be taken at the same time or separately.

Unvaccinat­ed players, coaches and staff have no option to test out and must isolate until the five-day quarantine period ends.

At that time, each individual is responsibl­e for selfreport­ing any symptoms after the five-day quarantine period ends.

Further, an individual must clear at least 24 hours since any fever without the aide of fever-reducing medication; other symptoms must be “resolved or improved”; individual must be cleared by team doctor in consultati­on with ICS and NFL; and any local regulation­s or requiremen­ts have been satisfied, NFL Network reported according to a leagueissu­ed memo to all 32 teams.

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