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Mind the cap­tain at all times. He or she is the boss!

Chil­dren un­der age 13 must keep U.S. Coast Guard-ap­proved life jack­ets on at all times, un­less they are in an en­closed cabin or below deck. Pool floats, water wings and toys are not ap­pro­pri­ate sub­sti­tutes.

Take plenty of sun­screen and ap­ply it reg­u­larly.

Drink plenty of water to avoid de­hy­dra­tion. Take food that is sim­ple to eat on a boat. Wind and waves can make plates and cups im­prac­ti­cal. Con­tain your trash. Do not al­low bot­tles, cans, plas­tic bags or other trash to blow out of the boat.

Never swim be­hind the boat when the mo­tor is run­ning. Water shoes are ad­vis­able if swim­ming in shal­low water to avoid cuts from shells, bar­na­cles or coral.

Have a first aid kit and sim­ple tools such as a pock­etknife.

Have fun! Just re­mem­ber that horse­play can lead to per­sonal in­jury or loss of items such as sun­glasses or cell­phones.

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