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Upper Class Just Got Lower Priced

Finally, luxury built for value— not for false status


Until Stauer came along, you needed an inheritanc­e to buy a timepiece with class and refinement. Not any more. The Stauer Magnificat II embodies the impeccable quality and engineerin­g once found only in the watch collection­s of the idle rich. Today, it can be on your wrist. The Magnificat II has the kind of thoughtful design that harkens back to those rare, 150-year-old moon phases that once could only be found under glass in a collector’s trophy room. Powered by 27 jewels, the Magnificat II is wound by the movement of your body. An exhibition back reveals the genius of the engineerin­g and lets you witness the automatic rotor that enables you to wind the watch with a simple flick of your wrist. It took three years of developmen­t and $26 million in advanced Swiss-built watchmakin­g machinery to create the Magnificat II. When we took the watch to renowned watchmaker and watch historian George Thomas, he disassembl­ed it and studied the escapement, balance wheel and the rotor. He remarked on the detailed guilloche face, gilt winding crown, and the crocodile-embossed leather band. He was intrigued by the three interior dials for day, date, and 24-hour moon phases. He estimated that this fine timepiece would cost over $2,500. We all smiled and told him that the Stauer price was less than $100. A truly magnificen­t watch at a truly magnificen­t price! Try the Magnificat II for 30 days and if you are not receiving compliment­s, please return the watch for a full refund of the purchase price. The precision-built movement carries a 2 year warranty against defect. If you trust your own good taste, the Magnificat II is built for you.

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