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It’s Enough to Make You Blue in the Face

Time to take a stand against overpriced watches with the Stauer Urban Blue, now only $29.


You need a new watch…the one you are wearing was made when Nixon was in office, but extravagan­tly-priced watches that add zeros just because of a high falootin’ name are an insult to your logic. Why shell out big money so some foreign company can sponsor another yacht race? It’s time to put an end to such madness. It’s absolutely possible to have the highest quality, precision classic timepiece without the high and mighty price tag. Case in point: The Stauer Urban Blue.

Packed with high-end watch performanc­e and style, minus the high-end price tag. It’s everything a high-end watch should be: Sturdy stainless steel and genuine leather constructi­on. Precision timing that’s accurate to four seconds a day––that’s more precise than a 27-jewel automatic watch priced at over $6,000. And, good looking–– with simple, clean lines and a striking metallic blue face.

Your great escape from the overpriced watch craze. At Stauer, we go directly to the source (cutting out the middleman), and engineer our own watch designs. This means we can offer a top quality timepiece that happens to only cost the same as two well-made cocktails at your favorite bar. So, while we’re busy revolution­izing the watch industry to bring you more real value, you can take your own stand against overpriced watches with the Urban Blue. Your satisfacti­on is 100% guaranteed. Wear the Urban Blue for 30 days. If you’re not convinced that you achieved excellence for less, send it back for a refund of the item price. The Urban Blue is one of our fastest sellers. It takes six months to engineer this watch so don’t wait. Take a stand against overpriced watches in impeccable style. Limited to the first 1900 responders to this ad only. Don’t miss today!

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