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A classic tennis bracelet serves up over 10 carats of sparkle for a guaranteed win



t was the jewelry piece that made the world stop and take notice. In the middle of a long volley during the big American tennis tournament, the chic blonde athlete had to stop play because her delicate diamond bracelet had broken and she had to find it. The tennis star recovered her beloved bracelet, but the world would never be the same.

From that moment on, the tennis bracelet has been on the lips and on the wrists of women in the know. Once called eternity bracelets, these bands of diamonds were known from then on as tennis bracelets, and remain the hot ticket item with jewelers.

We’ve captured this timeless classic with over 10 total carats of DiamondAur­a®, our signature diamond alternativ­e stone. This sparkling marvel rivals even the finest diamonds (D Flawless) with its transparen­t color and clarity, and both are so hard they can cut glass. Don’t believe me? The book “Jewelry and Gems – The Buying Guide,” praised the technique used in our diamond alternativ­e DiamondAur­a®: “The best diamond simulation to date, and even some jewelers have mistaken these stones for mined diamonds,” it raved. For comparison, we found a similarly designed 10 carat tennis bracelet with D Flawless diamonds from another company that costs $57,000!

Want to look like a million bucks without stressing over losing or damaging something that cost you a fortune? The Love Wins Tennis Bracelet is a simple strand of glittering gems in precious sterling that epitomizes elegance.

The first time we offered this bracelet, we sold out literally in minutes. It was our fastest selling product of 2021. It took six months to get it back in stock — Get yours before we run out! And there’s more... we will also include our Ultimate Diamond Alternativ­e™ DiamondAur­a® stud earrings for FREE!

Jewelry Specificat­ions:

• 10 ¾ ctw of the Ultimate Diamond Alternativ­e®, DiamondAur­a® • Rhodium-finished .925 sterling silver settings • Bracelet: Fits wrists to 7 ½". Earrings: 1 ctw with post backs

Love Wins Tennis Bracelet (10 ¾ ctw) $399 $39* + S&P FREE stud earrings (1 ctw) with your purchase of the Love Wins Bracelet — a $99 value!

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