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5th Generation Nitric Oxide Breakthrou­gh Proven in Clinical Trials to Restore Maximum Blood Flow

Men across America are raving about a newly enhanced potency supplement that helps achieve healthy blood flow on demand


After age 40, it’s common knowledge that performanc­e begins to decline in many men. However, a new, performanc­e empowering pill is showing that any relatively healthy man can now enjoy long-lasting, and frequent intimacy – at any age.

This doctor-designed formula, created by leading anti-aging expert Dr. Al Sears, has already helped men overcome low and sinking libido -- and has recently undergone a potency-enhancing update – with remarkable new results.

When the first pill -- Primal Max Black -- was first released, it quickly became a top-selling men’s performanc­e helper, promoting intimacy across America.

It worked by supporting healthy testostero­ne levels. However, Dr. Sears soon realized that this isn’t the only challenge men face with performanc­e. That’s when he turned his attention to blood flow.

And this became Primal Max Red.


Truth is, once blood flow slows down for men, no matter how exciting it is, it won’t be enough without the necessary amount…

So enjoying intimacy without healthy blood flow becomes difficult for most men.

Luckily, a Nobel prize-winning scientist discovered the simple answer to help support performanc­e strength and confidence -- by boosting vital blood flow -- and enhancing this essential performanc­e function.

Using this landmark Nobel Prize as its basis, Primal Max Red enhanced healthy blood flow for untold millions of men around the world with the use of strong nitric oxide boosters.

While Primal Max Black helped maintain optimal testostero­ne, Primal Max Red tackles a lesser-known challenge.

Director, Al Sears MD, who has authored over 500 scientific papers and has appeared on more than 50 media outlets including ABC News, CNN, ESPN, Discovery, National Geographic, Lifetime, and many more say, “Less than optimal blood flow can be part of a huge problem that affects a lot of men. And it needed to be addressed once and for all, so men would not dwell on it. Then, once we optimized it and had a great deal of success, we set out to see if we could do even better.”

The former formula had excellent results. However, new research showed that for even faster, anytime, anywhere results, increasing the dose of a key compound was needed.

So, one of the three nitric oxide boosters in the new Primal Max Red, L-Citrulline, was clinically boosted to 9000 mg, and the results were astounding. Which is no surprise considerin­g that 5000 mg is considered a “normal amount” -- giving the new version nearly doubled the blood

flow boosting power.

Men who had previously been unsure about their power and stamina were overjoyed to be back to their old selves and to get and maintain a healthy bloodflow when they needed it.


The best way to promote healthy blood flow throughout the body is with the use of Primal Max Red. By using it, when exciting signals leave the brain, blood flows much faster like it used to.

This critical action is how men across the country are enjoying full and satisfying performanc­e at any age. No need to bother with testostero­ne-boosting shots, blue pills, or shady capsules that have no effect.

Primal Max Red can effectivel­y promote healthy blood flow that most men can use for maximum intimacy. This is leading to more greater capacity and satisfacti­on, coupled with long-lasting performanc­e.

“There was a time when men had little control when it came to boosting their blood flow,” Dr. Sears said. “But science has come a long way in recent

years. And now, with the creation of nitric oxide-boosting Primal Max Red, men can perform better than ever, and enjoy intimacy at any age.”

Now for men across America, it’s much easier to stay at their performanc­e peak as they get older.


To secure free bottles of Primal Max Black and get the hot, new Primal Max Red formula, buyers should contact the Sears Health Hotline at 1-800-906-7428 TODAY. “It’s not available in retail stores yet,” says Dr. Sears. “The Hotline allows us to ship directly to the customer.” Dr. Sears feels so strongly about Primal Max, all orders are backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. “Just send me back the bottle and any unused product within 90 days from purchase date, and I’ll send you all your money back.”

Call NOW at 1-800-9067428 to secure your supply of Primal Max Red and free bottles of Primal Max Black. Use Promo Code PMAXCD1122 when you call. Lines are frequently busy, but all calls will be answered!

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 ?? ?? A new discovery that increases nitric oxide availabili­ty - resulting in even quicker, stronger, and longer-lasting performanc­e.
A new discovery that increases nitric oxide availabili­ty - resulting in even quicker, stronger, and longer-lasting performanc­e.

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