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CardMaker - - Contents - By Lora Brinkman

Join us for card-mak­ing fun with weekly chal­lenges and loads of in­spi­ra­tion. Get the de­tails here!

Thanks for stop­ping by Card Chal­lenge Cor­ner. The chal­lenges will be posted on the re­spec­tive day on the CardMaker Face­book page. You are wel­come to do the chal­lenges at any time, though, and share your cre­ations with us on Face­book. Whether you do one, all or just plan to do the chal­lenges, you are part of the chal­lenge fam­ily.

If you have ques­tions about the chal­lenges, please feel free to con­tact me at Lo­[email protected]

Chal­lenge 1

Child­hood Fun


I have to hope I am not the only one who loved crayons as a child. Ad­mit­tedly, I still love them. For this chal­lenge, use crayons on your card, whether it’s mak­ing the back­ground pa­per, cre­at­ing a batik ef­fect with the sel­dom used white crayon, or col­or­ing in an im­age.

Chal­lenge 2

Color Chal­lenge


My step­daugh­ter loves to ask “What’s your fa­vorite color to­day?” Ap­par­ently, your fa­vorite is sup­posed to change on a daily ba­sis. My re­ply is al­ways Mus­tang blue, but it’s true, although some days I feel like lime green or cherry red. Think about it for a mo­ment. What’s your fa­vorite color to­day? Cre­ate a card with the color of the day.

Chal­lenge 3

For­got­ten Stamp


Do you have a ne­glected stamp set? You know the one I’m talk­ing about—the one at the bot­tom of the pile that you just knew you’d use so much. Dust off the stamp and ink it up, and let it be the fo­cal point of your card this week. You may need to con­di­tion it first if it’s been a re­ally long time since you’ve used it.

Chal­lenge 4

More Than Just a Card


This week I’d like you to think of some­one that needs a lit­tle pick-me-up. Cre­ate a card that holds a candy bar, tea packet, gift card or a spe­cial to­ken they can keep to re­mem­ber that you thought of them.

Chal­lenge 5

The Wheels on the Bus


School is ready to be­gin or has al­ready started in some ar­eas, and the big yel­low school buses are on the road again with their wheels go­ing round and round. De­sign a card in­spired by the bus. It can be the cir­cu­lar wheels, the color yel­low, the road it drives on or any­thing you de­cide.

Chal­lenge 6

Fold­ing Laun­dry


Don’t run scream­ing … we aren’t ac­tu­ally go­ing to do laun­dry! Have you seen those T-shirt fold­ers that make fold­ing shirts easy? We are a house­hold that wears a lot of T-shirts, so I think I may have to get one. You fold the shirt in from each side, then up from the bot­tom for a per­fectly folded rec­tan­gu­lar shirt. Use the same process to cre­ate a clev­erly folded card.

Chal­lenge 7

In the Blink of an Eye


We’ve all been there. You for­got a birth­day, an­niver­sary or other oc­ca­sion, and you need a quick card. When try­ing to make a last-minute card, my prob­lem is al­ways nar­row­ing down what ma­te­ri­als to use. So, follow this recipe to get it done quickly: 1 card­stock sheet, 1 pat­terned pa­per, 3 rib­bons or washi tape, 1 sen­ti­ment and 1 but­ton.

Chal­lenge 8

Sketch Book Chal­lenge


Each is­sue of CardMaker in­cludes a great card sketch. Flip to the Sketch Book fea­ture on page 98 in this is­sue and use the sketch as in­spi­ra­tion to make your card.

Chal­lenge 9

You’re HOW Old?


“The girl” is turn­ing 12 this month. I came into her life when she was 3, so this is hard for me to process. Make a birth­day card for some­one spe­cial in your life and in­clude their age on the front. The num­bers can be stamped, hand- printed, die-cut or quick and easy stick­ers.

Chal­lenge 10

Thank You Ran­domly


Let’s start some­thing fun. Make a generic thank you card, sign it and have it ready to de­liver. Now, put it in your purse, car, of­fice drawer or any­where handy. The next time any­one does some­thing nice for you, hand them the card—the smaller the fa­vor, the big­ger the im­pact. Maybe some­one let you in front of them in the check­out line, or the store clerk helped you find the per­fect pair of jeans, or the barista at the cof­fee shop brewed your drink per­fectly. What­ever hap­pens, be sure to share the card and the story.

Chal­lenge 11

Hello, Fall


The trees are turn­ing and the winds are get­ting crisp in Mid-Mis­souri. Make a card de­pict­ing what the fall sea­son means to you.

Chal­lenge 12

Write It With Style


Ty­pog­ra­phy is cer­tainly a hot trend in the craft­ing world. Have you no­ticed all the cool let­ter­ing styles? For this chal­lenge, make a card that in­cludes pretty hand let­ter­ing in your fa­vorite style and drop it in the mail. Hand­writ­ten notes are be­com­ing a thing of the past in our so­ci­ety, but who doesn’t love re­ceiv­ing one?

Chal­lenge 13

Doo­dle Graf­fiti


This week’s chal­lenge is a lit­tle dif­fer­ent. I want you to cut a 3 x 4-inch piece of card­stock and doo­dle all over it … write words, draw sim­ple pic­tures, or cover it with hearts or flow­ers. Let your­self re­mem­ber the days of sit­ting in class and doo­dling up your note­books with your per­sonal art­work. After you are done, put it on a card and give it to some­one you care about.

Chal­lenge 14

Spooooooky Sweet


Hal­loween is close, but there is still time to cre­ate quick treat hold­ers to make candy even sweeter! Make a holder for your fa­vorite sweet treat and share with a friend. If you’re am­bi­tious, you can make them up for all your trick-or-treaters. •

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