Au­tumn Tree

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Card­stock: burnt orange, orange, brown, yel­low, crim­son, bur­gundy, gold Au­tumn col­ored 1/8-inch-wide quilling pa­per strips: deep red, crim­son, orange, bright yel­low, brown, tan, taupe, mus­tard, pump­kin Black fine-tip pen Cri­cut Lite Bloom elec­tronic cut­ter car­tridge (#2000156) Cri­cut elec­tronic cut­ter Slot­ted quilling tool Punches: Fiskars (Seal of Ap­proval Ex­tra-Large); The Punch Bunch (Maple Leaf 2 Medium, Oak Leaf Medium); Martha Ste­wart (Rose Leaf) 2mm embossing sty­lus Self-clos­ing tweez­ers Tooth­pick Foam pad Elmer’s clear-dry­ing liq­uid glue Com­puter with printer (op­tional)

Project notes: Re­fer to pho­tos and il­lus­tra­tions when form­ing quilled shapes. Use a tooth­pick to place glue on ends of quilling pa­per when se­cur­ing quilled shapes. Tweez­ers can be used to place quilled shapes onto card.

1. Form a 51/2 x 81/2-inch card from burnt orange card­stock.

2. Us­ing elec­tronic cut­ter and car­tridge, cut a 51/2-inch-tall tree from brown card­stock; ad­here to card front.

3. Hand-print, or use a com­puter to gen­er­ate, quote onto gold card­stock, siz­ing to fit in a 11/2 x 1-inch area; punch with Seal of Ap­proval punch. 4. Roll three 3-inch lengths of quilling pa­per into tight coils. Ad­here coils to re­verse side of sen­ti­ment panel to cre­ate raised ef­fect; ad­here panel to card front as shown.

5. For large leaf, roll and shape a 6-inch length of de­sired in­ner color quilling pa­per into a Mar­quise (see il­lus­tra­tion). Re­peat four times for a to­tal of five pieces. Wrap each piece four times us­ing de­sired outer color quilling pa­per. Glue the shaped mar­quises to­gether at their points to loosely re­sem­ble the fin­ished leaf; wrap shape four times with the outer color quilling pa­per. In the same man­ner, cre­ate two ad­di­tional large leaves us­ing dif­fer­ent col­ors of quilling pa­per. 6. For mul­ti­col­ored frond leaf, roll and shape a 4-inch length of de­sired quilling pa­per into a Teardrop (see il­lus­tra­tion). Re­peat six times with de­sired color pa­per for a to­tal of seven pieces. Us­ing a 1- to 2-inch scrap of brown quilling pa­per for stem, glue stem to point of one teardrop, then glue the six re­main­ing teardrops in pairs with points meet­ing on each side of the stem. In the same man­ner, cre­ate three ad­di­tional mul­ti­col­ored frond leaves.

7. For small leaf, roll and shape a 4-inch length of de­sired color quilling pa­per into a Teardrop, Mar­quise, Shaped Mar­quise or Ar­row­head (see il­lus­tra­tions). Re­peat four times for a to­tal of five pieces. Ar­range like col­ors into twos and threes to cre­ate leaf shapes. Glue shapes to­gether at their points and glue to a scrap of like­col­ored pa­per as a stem. In the same man­ner, cre­ate a to­tal of 11 small leaves.

8. Punch leaf shapes in a va­ri­ety of col­ors as de­sired; add veins us­ing sty­lus.

9. Re­fer­ring to photo, ar­range and ad­here leaves to card front. •

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