You Did It!

CardMaker - - Fun Folds - De­sign by Robin Arnold

Pat­tern on page 94

1. Cut an 8½ x 5½-inch rec­tan­gle from white card­stock.

2. Fol­low­ing di­a­gram on page 94, score, fold and un­fold each score line, ex­cept for di­ag­o­nal lines.

3. Crease di­ag­o­nal lines and bur­nish us­ing sty­lus.

4. Fold and un­fold all scored lines in both di­rec­tions (val­ley and moun­tain) so card will move eas­ily.

5. Fold card along long hor­i­zon­tal score, hold­ing score line at top (Photo 1).

Moun­tain-fold di­ag­o­nal scores (Photo 2). 7. Val­ley-fold left flap (Photo 3). Card should flip into place (Photo 4).

8. Sten­cil pat­tern on front and in­side card with Ge­latos. Note: Tape off sten­cil above and be­low de­sired sec­tion to avoid stray marks.

9. Stamp sen­ti­ments above sten­ciled zigzags.

10. Cut a 23/4-inch square of teal card­stock. Ad­here to card.

11. Cut sev­eral 6-inch strands of em­broi­dery floss; cut and tie a strand of floss around half­way point of bunch (Photo 5). Fold strands in half. Wrap sev­eral more strands of floss near top to se­cure into a tas­sel shape (Photo 6). Trim ends as needed. Ad­here tas­sel to card with ad­he­sive dot. •

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